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July 19, 2019

Restaurant: Kampala, Uganda!

So on my exotic travels of yesteryear I have the great opportunity to visit Uganda. I was doing quite a bit of business with folks there for many years and finally the opportunity came to do a visit. It was very nice and met very nice folks who treated me kindly and took me places !

One of the highlights of the stay was during our hotel very nicely call Le Petit Village or the little town but was in French as well as been very close to the US Embassy ! So I came to Kampala, Uganda.

The restaurant was in like the title says in a village with several services including boutique stores and tours operator but for me the best was the restaurant. Here we met several local partners who we have been in touch ever since.  I like to tell a bit about the Le Petit Village Hotel Restaurant. As said it is located atGgaba Road , next to American Embassy, Kampala.

The Le Petit Village Hotel is the perfect place for travellers who want to recharge their batteries during their stay in Kampala. Renowned for its charming surroundings and proximity to great restaurants and attractions, Hotel Le Petit Village allows you to fully enjoy the best Kampala has to offer. The rooms at Le Petit Village are equipped with a flat-screen TV, minibar and air conditioning. For even convenience, they even have free wi-fi. The hotel offers many services, including concierge and room service. In addition, you can enjoy a swimming pool and breakfast included during your stay. For convenience, free parking is available on site.


Official Le Petit Village Kampala


This is a Belgian restaurant serving such traditionals as mussels and chips, and a very good patisserie (pastry shop). The hotel complex is run by a Belgian/Rwandan couple (the Rwandan wife being in charge of the hotel part). When it comes to food you can take the walk over to one of finest culinary establishment , Le Chateau Restaurant and enjoy some of the finest Belgian and Continental Cuisine with an African accent all overseen by a Belgian Chef. People come from all over Kampala to enjoy a meal at Le Chateau since it serves some of the finest fare in the city and once you have had a meal here you will certainly agree. I agreed!

Tourist office Kampala on Le Petit Village


A wonderful experience to see something different in familiar surrounding at the same time. The best combination of adventure and fully will keep it as reference for a next visit, recommended. See it at Le Petit Village and its Le Chateau restaurant in Kampala.

And remember , happy travels good health, and many cheers to all!!!




July 19, 2019

Restaurant: South Africa!

So in my quest to give more presence to the wonderful restaurants/bars of my travels I like to show you my favorites on my trips to South Africa! There were many moments but for my nostalgia of the country I pick these three.

Let me start with the sad news, as one has already closed. However, as you can see they have a new venture that would be worth checking out on my next visit or yours.

Le Soufflé French Bistro was at Corner Forrest, Sunset road , Pineslopes Mall, Sandton. Le Soufflé had an easy atmosphere for a leisurely breakfast, a relaxing lunch and/or a informal dinner. The restaurant offers the most diverse menu of French Provençale  food in South Africa.  If I want to safely take friends to lunch or dinner, it’s “The Soufflé”. The food is excellent and the waiters are very attentive, friendly and knowledgeable. Good atmosphère. I was taken here and darn was good and we ate at the terrace as in Paris!

Their Facebook page was here: Facebook page of Le Souffle French Bistro

south africa

And I found out this :“THANK YOU to all our loyal customers that have supported us over the years. Unfortunately we had to close Le Soufflé Restaurant under duress due to the present economy. We will keep you informed should we get involved in a new venture in the future.” And then this,  “IRENE & MARC have teamed up with ANDIE & JULIAN at “JUNIPA’S BISTRO” in the Hobart Centre in Bryanston from the 1st of June. We are looking forward to seeing all our wonderful and loyal customers that have supported us over the years.”

So I know to follow them to Junipa’s Bistro next time in town. The news were here: I love Fourways local news on Le Soufflé resto

Right about the same area or town I saw a big sign on the road and thinking beers went there, and it was super. Later, took my local friends there lol! even one that came all the way from Pretoria to meet there! The place rocks and it is recommended, thanks for the memories.

The Beer House, 1 Sunset Ave cnr Witkoppen, Pineslopes Boulevard, Sandton 2191.

It really is great value for money.  There are many specials and 99 beers to choose from!  I  enjoyed  the times spent there with snacks and beers we did try a big sandwich that do not recall the name it had jerky beef of some sort in it . It was full as we’d come during after work or happy hour time but the there was a great, relaxing atmosphere. We also had really good service from our waitress.

The Beer House see themselves  as the hub for all things beer, providing the best of local and international beers. They  live to give Beer Lovers an all year round Beer Festival by providing a large and inclusive variety of beer & brew food, social atmosphere, high standards of service, beer culture and education. Indeed they do!

The Beer House at Fourways

south africa

south africa

Then,went elsewhere in So Africa, precisely to East London, and a local friend took me here. Just the kind of bar pub I like, wonderful, recommended.

Abbotsford Arms Pub, 1 Nord Avenue, East London 5241. Tel +21 043 721 0363

This old restaurant come pub , has the best T-Bone and secret sauce on offer in East London . Offering a 600 gr A Grade T- bone at a very reasonable price , and sitting inside or outside . Great service , staff are quick . Great atmosphere , you can sit inside or outside. This pub is perfect for both after work pints and relaxing mixers over the weekend!

We were inside and very friendly service to enjoy a great evening with friends. Memorable should go back. Enjoy it

Facebook page of Abbotsford Arms Pub East London

south africa

And they you go a quick brief tour of memorable places to eat and drink in South Africa. Thanks for the memories guys. Looking forward to come back already. Cheers

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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