Restaurant: Madrid!

So back at you with my beloved Madrid: well what can I say more than on numerous posts in my blog about Madrid. I will be back this late August !!!! So many memories of good food and good cheers and plenty of good restaurants. However, as family in mind these will bring me joy to tell again.

Therefore, here are my nostalgic restaurants of Madrid.

Cerveceria Cruz Blanca  redefines the concept of a brewery and recreates the old classical and chaste taverns that originated in the early 20C. The brewery has locations all over Madrid becomin an ideal meeting point to enjoy its star product, beer, and accompany it with a variety of tapas based on canned, fried, fresh seafood, fish market and chacinas. Cruz Blanca will leave you with a great taste in the mouth and certainly a good reason to repeat the experience. My favorite is the Calle Dr Esquerdo  157 (near Conde de Casal) with a great terrace with two parts: one next to the semi-covered premises that has water sprinklers in summer and heating in winter and tables on the street in summer. The place is on the side of Dr Esquerdo where the sun shines in the afternoon so the best option is always with sprinklers in summer. There is another I have visited at Calle Menendez Pelayo ,47 (across from Retiro park) .both can be reach with metro line 6 at Sanz de Baranda stop.

Official Cruz Blanca on Menendez Pelayo

Official Cruz Blanco on Calle del Doctor Esquerdo

Yelp reviews on Cruz Blanca Dr Esquerdo





The 100 Montaditos ,the term refers to an ancient Spanish culinary habit of filling one or two small slices of bread with various ingredients such as cold cuts, meat, fish, vegetables, cheeses or various types of sauces.100 Montaditos has thus decided to take inspiration from this tradition by giving life to a list of a hundred different proposals.  In its service formula a form is filled out with the order that is delivered at the counter and, once prepared, customers are notified through electronic gadget for direct pickup.

For snacks or a varied lunch, opt for the low-cost 100 Montaditos of this Madrid chain. Ideal for discovering the spirit of tapas, the menu offers a hundred mini sandwiches, accosted with ham, cheese, tomatoes and many other Spanish flavors. Try it all over Madrid. I enjoyed always with the family at the locations at Calle de la Princesa; 22,  Calle Mayor; 18 , and  Plaza de las Cortes; 3.

Official 100 Montaditos Spain

Tourist office of Madrid on 100 Montaditos

Yelp reviews on 100 Montaditos Pl de las Cortes




Named after its owner Esteban González, this restaurant is the result of a lifetime’s effort to fulfill a dream. The El Rincón de Esteban offers classic cuisine with seasonal products and it is not uncommon to find famous personalities from the world of politics on their tables. It’s worth eating here every day. But coming in the themed days of hunting (season), in the codfish, and in the time of San Isidro will allow you to try special menus very top!.

In the Calle Santa Catalina, in front of the Congress of Deputies (gov of Spain); this restaurant invites, before and after, to be able to walk through the pictorial and historic streets of the Barrio de Letras, as well as savor the capital Castiso pure local tradition. Without a doubt, El Rincón de Esteban, is one of those classics that three generations that transit Madrid know perfectly; as well as the culinary temple that every tourist must visit to understand the Spanish gastronomic culture. Indeed!

Official El Rincon de Esteban Madrid

Tourist office of Madrid on El Rincon de Esteban

Yelp reviews on El Rincon de Esteban Madrid




And there you go  ,sublime fun times with inexpensive and high class Madrid for all tastes and we tried them all. Fun times and souvenirs of forever, hoping once try they will become yours too. Enjoy the restaurants of Madrid.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!




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