Notre Dame Cathedral , Jul19 update!

On a nice sunny day in my neck of the woods, and in eternal Paris let me bring you some update on the re construction of the Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris. A lot have been said, but the fact remains that now the mechanism is just been put in place and the real work is just ahead.

My devotion to the Cathedral and the symbol of France remains untouched and looking forward for an identical reconstruction. However, as today in our world there are those who do not think of traditions and history and just in case keep your souvenirs of the Cathedral you came to know , visit, see , and enjoy. Just in case….

On April 15, 2019, a day to always remember in a sad mode, a fire broke out in Notre-Dame Cathedral, ravaging the roof, the frame, part of the vault and the spire of the Cathedral. A few days after the tragedy, the government had announced a proposal for an exceptional law “for the restoration and preservation of the Notre-Dame Cathedral”. The bill, which will  be adopted in final reading by the National Assembly today July 16, frames the work and donations made by the French. The text was finally adopted today with 32 votes in favor, 7 against and 8 abstentions!  Just three months ago, on April 15, the Notre-Dame Cathedral of Paris  was ravaged by a fire, which reduced to ashes a part of the roof, the whole of the frame, part of the vault and the arrow. At that time President Emmanuel Macron said “We will rebuild the cathedral even more beautiful and I want it to be completed in five years, “. The opposition have criticized the five-year deadline set by President Macron for work deemed “unreasonable” .But the main bone of contention has, once again, focused on exemptions from the rules of urban planning and protection of the environment, provided for in the text, to speed up the work.

The bill includes the opening of a national subscription to collect donations from individuals, businesses or communities that have flocked since the fire of the Notre Dame Cathedral. It will be used to finance the conservation and restoration of the Cathedral as well as its furniture. Donations may also be used to finance the training of professionals with the specific skills that will be required for the work. The bill also introduces a tax reduction of 75% (against 66% as normal) for donations not exceeding 1.000 euros ! and made between April 16th and December 31st 2019. Since April 15, nearly 850 million euros of donations have been pledged by wealthy individuals and businesses; the final donations and disbursement pending progress of the work once starts.

Donations to the State Treasury, the National Monuments Center and the three authorized foundations (Fondation de France, Fondation du Patrimoine and Fondation Notre Dame) will be donated to the State or the public institution in charge of conservation and of the restoration of Notre-Dame Cathedral. The text also provides for the creation by order of a public institution, under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture, responsible for managing the funds raised and the control procedures for this management.

What is there now:

Two temporary “umbrellas” (large tarpaulins) were placed above the nave and the choir, the gables north and south and west were consolidated, notably by depositing all the statues that could make them tilt. Nets were stretched over the nave and choir, whose high stained glass windows were removed. The debris of the north and south transepts have been cleared and those of the nave are being processed, thanks to the daily action of a robot. The water was also evaporated, including in the crypt. Another major project in the coming weeks: the scaffolding, originally installed for the restoration of the spire,  which collapsed during the fire  must be dismantled. But the most important phase will be the installation of hangers under the flying buttresses and the establishment of a floor to have access to the famous vault. This step will consolidate it and be reassuring about its condition. Then, several months will be necessary to evacuate the rubble which is under the vaults. The reconstruction site itself should only begin in early 2020, with tenders launched in January.

What has been heard to be done:

Young architects and designers were launching on social networks their ideas for renovating the Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris. “We are not going to reconstruct today by mimicry the image of the past. The Dijon cabinet of Paul Godart and Pierre Roussel defend a project of a glazed roof, where the tourists could walk! (what!!). The NAB studio suggests a botanical greenhouse in place of the roof. Lol!  Norman Foster, a renowned British architect, advocates the use of glass?. Jean-Michel Wilmotte, father of the rebirth of Lutetia, in Paris, calls for the use of titanium (wow!). Jacques Ferrier, creator of the pavilion of France in Shanghai, in 2010, takes again the idea of ​​Dominique Perrault (the National Library of France), who imagined, in 2015, the renovation of the Cathedral forecourt with a giant “glass mirror”!  to enhance its value and facilitate access. However, it is an icon of nine centuries that we inherited and that we must repair as identical since we have not been able to preserve,said Denis Valode and Jean Pistre, two great Parisian architects. Jean Nouvel, who designed the Louvre Abu Dhabi, is in turn holding this historic line: “the arrow of Viollet-le-Duc is one of the intangible things of the Cathedral”Amén!

Sources : information taken from 20Minutes, Le Parisien, and L’Express media.

Official historical construction period of the Notre Dame Cathedral

There you go, it is now officially open for work, and the clock is ticking! Best wishes to all involved and may the common sense prevails.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!




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  1. The modern ideas sound very Interesting, but I’m afraid I’d rather they rebuilt as it was intended to be; call me a traditionalist, but I think most people would agree with that.

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