Restaurant: Brittany and Normandy!

So in my continuing quest to show off some of our favorite family restaurant with photos let me bring you to two wonderful vibrant gorgeous regions of my belle France! Let me tell you about two spots in my lovely Brittany and cousin Normandy!

In my road warrior trips in my loving France we have encounters many occassions to be hungry on the road and no previous reservation. We just picked the ones we thinks looks good and pretty and we have never been disappointed in the land of the culinary art.  This is the case in these two properties. Hope you enjoy them as we did.

In Granville , dept 50 of Manche in Normandie region; we stop by on a wonderful place, very friendly, fast service, nice folks and great food quality/price excellent. Crêperie La Bolée Normande, 17 rue Le Campion, in city center but away from the harbor area. Tel +33 (0) 2 33 50 18 04. No webpage but more info on the Yelp review page here: Yelp reviews on the Créperie


A nice place as we like, a nice welcome, a quiet atmosphere and without a headache, here is for this place whose décor has recently been revised. On the card side, as the name suggests, here we like crêpes and the galettes , but not only! mussels and chips are good, served in quantity, and for an incomparable value for money! The terrace in summer is a superb spot of the city. Thanks for the memories!!!

You have more in the area tourist office here: Official tourist office of Granvile on the créperie


And we just came back from fabolous Rennes , dept 35 Ille-et-Vilaine of Brittany! ,and one resto we have pinpoint as another nostalgic stop in my belle France. An American diner par excellence and already very popular with university students and families in a wonderful old world street of Renne, Rue de Saint Malo. Restaurant Back to the 60’s!! you know it!!

The Restaurant Back to the 60’s,5 Rue Saint de Malo it is almost an institution. The restaurant expanded in August 2013 but it was not enough: it is strongly advised to book given the attendance recorded at Back to the 60’s at each service. A real American diner, which has been attracting crowds for many years already.

It must be said that everything lends themselves: the servers are nice, although a little stressed in times of rush. And at the planning level, Back to the 60’s has combined choice and quality. For most burgers, you can opt for a steak of beef, chicken or soy. Some are quite simple like the Barbecue and Bacon, others more exotic like Hawaiian, and Gaetan’s Burger is by far the most impressive in the whole city with its 3 steaks, 2 slices of cheddar, slice of raclette cheese, egg and bacon. That’s all it is! If you have room for dessert, you’ll love the Oreo Cookie Bash and the many milkshakes. It’s quite noisy when it’s full, but it does not spoil the quality of the ingredients, the plethora of menu and the very good atmosphere. An American Diner the way we love them!!!yes! fat lady we have them here too lol!!

They have a nice page in Facebook! Facebook page of Restaurant Back to the 60’s at Rennes

Bear in mind, there is a lot of construction in city center Rennes with lots of renovation going on, so give yourselves time if coming shortly. Always nice to be back on the capital of Brittany! Hope you have enjoyed the post.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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