My travels in the Morbihan, LXXIIII

So on a hot 29C sunny Saturday in my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my pretty region of Brittany I come back to you on my errands. This is a family affairs daily real life here that seldom see recounted. Perhaps, we want to show France in a different light. I like to tell it in black and white….

Therefore, let me tell you how we did our Saturday here. We got up later than usual and had our breakfast by 10h at home. We ,then, set up our planning on the to do list. And we set out to do the list! There was nothing plan to go anywhere as we have the Women’s World Cup third place match between England and Sweden,(won by Sweden 1×2), and the start of the Tour de France today from Brussels

We went as far south west to the town of Séné to get our dog food and supplies at the Maxi Zoo store as always since we have our boy Rex. He is a lovable mix breed of Border Collier and Labrador but turn out more Border Collier after all. He is a good boy and we love him a lot. He will be 20 months old next week!! Of course, we got him new foodies and a nice big toy he loves to chew and throw around the yard.



Rex checking out the neighbor lol!!

Coming back towards us, we stop at our nice capital city of Vannes, where nearby I work. Here we did our boys duties but before we needed to eat and we were near the Steak & Shake restaurant (update closed) that serves American style food so obviously we ate lunch there and love those milkshakes strawberries, banana, red fruits etc. This is very convenience as all our need stores are all within even walking distance. Therefore, we parked in the Carrefour shopping center to walk to all.


After our lunch at S & S, I came to accompany one son to the FNAC store while the other two went to Micromania . Dvd and books galore they came back with as much as 6 books!  These are repeated stores for my boys especially.

We, then, move up to my favorite store Nicolas wine and spirits merchants. While there right in the middle of market day we took advantage of this and got our usual chores done in fruits and veggies, and cheeses. The marché de Vannes is one of the best rated in the country by magazines and TV shows here top 10 and I know why, simply awesome. There is the open market, the covered market or halles and the fish market going full steam at the same time! All this up by Place du Poids Public and Place des Lices. We had our car park for free in the ramparts as we were during lunch time 12-14h parking  on streets is free.



Moving up to our town, we stop by our old reliable Castorama for our gardens needs such as grass bags. OF course, this is right on another intersection of many stores and we finished by doing the rest of the groceries in the E Leclerc hypermarket right across.

Once loaded even inside our car! we headed home as we have seen the cheapest gas/petrol was in our town!!! So we fueled up at the Super U supermarket in town before reaching our house.

Now the real rest starts and we will see what we do tomorrow as it is the finals of the women’s football/soccer  World Cup from Lyon between the USA and Netherlands. And od course the Tour de France continues, the Gold Cup final is going on and the America Cup as well seems like a loaded Sunday! Enjoy your weekend


across from our free parking the ramparts of Vannes, the tour Poudriére and afar the Cathedral St Pierre !

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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