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July 6, 2019

Church of St. Martin de Tours at Noyal Muzillac!

In my runs in the country, going on my belle France off the beaten path areas there are always gems to find and enjoy. Even in places where i have already passed by , upon coming back there are always new things to see and enjoy.

This is the case of Noyal Muzillac, the town in the Morbihan breton dept 56 of my lovely Brittany. There is a nice church here that have not given full details and me think it merits; therefore, here is my take on the Church of Saint Martin de Tours!

noyal muzillac

Let me start with a bit ono the town of Noyal-Muzillac, which recently became part of the 12 towns of the intercommunality Arc Sud Bretagne and the district of Vannes.  The town is about 32 km from Vannes, 105 km from Rennes, and 89 km from Nantes, along the N165/166 expressways .

A bit of history I like on the town tell us that excavations carried out in the 19C have brought to light prehistoric sites and the Roman period as pathways and elements of a villa. The first time the name is found of Noyal-Muzillac  in the history of the country, was in 1252.  After the fall of the Roman Empire, during the Breton migrations, the first parishes appeared. It is probably at this time that the parish was born with Patron Saint Martin of Tours. The revolutionary period will lead the local Noyalais early enough to support the white party (Royals) and especially the Chouannerie ( rebels against the revolution). In 1802, was born in Noyal-Muzillac Julien Daniélo, a writer who became known in the Parisian literary milieu. He was the last Secretary of François-René de Chateaubriand. Julien Daniélo died in Paris in 1869.

Turning now on the main item of the day, the Church of Saint Martin de Tours.

The Church of St. Martin de Tours, which preserves from the Romanesque period some vaults dated from the 11C. The parish church, probably dedicated to Saint Noyale in origin, has been for centuries under the patronage of Saint Martin, Bishop of Tours. The Gothic period of the 15C is also very present with imposing ogive arches and capitals with various motifs. The nave and choir are enriched with remarkable 17C paintings. Its Chapel of the Rosary, also has an imposing painting from 1819.

noyal muzillac

noyal muzillac

The Church of St. Martin de Tours, 11-12C , 17C and 20C is dedicated to Saint Martin de Tours. It included a nave with aisles, a transept, on which the rounded apse of the sanctuary was opened directly.  This church was modified in the 14C at transept and choir. At the end of the 13C or at the beginning of the 14C, the cross-braces were transformed into chapels opening onto the square, which became the choir, by large broken arches worn on heavy pillars with engaged balusters, including the capitals adorned with foliage’s and serrations indicate that these pillars were part of the primitive construction. The apse has been preserved but very reworked at various times. The bell tower, which was to be first on the square, had been rebuilt on the south Chapel: it was burned in 1630 and restored in 1639.  The  stained glass are from the 20C with eucharistic motifs,on the west facade showing Saint Martin sharing his coat.  The nave was completely rebuilt in 1850. The last major works carried out from 1965 to 1970, lead to the decrease of the nave.

noyal muzillac

noyal muzillac

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are

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Hope it helps you come here and see another marvel of my lovely Bretagne on an off the beaten path area of my beautiful Morbihan. Enjoy the Church of Saint Martin de Tours in Noyal-Muzillac!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!




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