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July 4, 2019

My job in the Morbihan, sort of……!

Well, the days were right to come to work with my camera and take some pictures of where I work in the Morbihan near Vannes, well not all but some info. It’s a very nice job, in management, with plenty of travel opportunity as we have branches in 22 countries, and my job requires a lot of travel. One of the hidden benefits of the job!

The people are very friendly and nice, and we are allowed to work pretty much independant. We are next to Vannes in quiet, small, cozy country heaven, a big change from my previous post near and in Paris. Sort of….! yes a loving job if I can call it that.

I live about 35 minutes from the job by car on the road N165 or can take a semi detour and come into the country road D19 or even better the D779 . Traffic is minimum, and so far so good. They tell me that on snow days it is difficult, we will see, but in 8 years rien nada nothing of the snow. Heat yes very hot days but with a breeze as we are not far from the ocean so even in the canicule we are the least impacted.

The job is in an old castle originally built in 1504 ,now only the ruins of its walls remains, and the face of the manoir or mansion call Chateau, where the main administrative office is,and where I am ::) It has several buildings inside the Chateau, housing the different departments or as it is call here Services; a beautiful long garden and forest area, and a cafeteria with hot meals serve daily with choices of menus.

St Nolff

St nolff

The place even had a tennis court , and then change to a football /soccer field ; then it was added a club house with baby foot, musculation gym and coffee rest area as well as plenty of parking. It has several other buildings all throughout the old castle part of 44 hectares!

St Nolff

st nolff

My latest trip took me to Mexico, Philippines, and Vietnam. I will leave you with some photos of my job’s place,just for the record in my blog.

St Nolffs

Today typical here so far was a very hot day canicule with temps up to 35C and then slowly coming back to 30C over the weekend, this is summer.   The vacation with the boys is set for Madrid this August so plenty of time to go back to old memorable spots went with my dear late wife Martine and soak in with the boys. It’s a habit that is hard to change, we talk we look but always come back to Spain and Madrid needs to be included!

Hope you enjoy the pictures as I do, memories as also next year is my legal age retirement limit here so thinking already of the consultancy route to stay busy and more time to enjoy my belle France! ,and lovely Brittany !!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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