The Castle at Trédion!

And why not bring you back to my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne in my belle France! Giving you a tour of the country and sometimes the world and thank you for coming along. Today will tell you about an off the beaten path castle that is not visited per se but you can come to the gardens and maybe have a room in it ::)

We move on after seeing a sign for a Castle at Trédion; seen the name before but with so much to do and see overpassed it several times;this time we were there.  The main areas in the garden to look at are the Clos du Roy  (The King’s field) a French style garden. The Jardin de curé (The priest’s garden) , traditional garden.  The Jardin des druides  (The druids’ garden); fountains, bridge of secrets, chalices, the Druid’s tree, the fine gold standing stone in the middle of 3 cascading ponds, etc. ,and the Jardin des Korrigans  (The Korrigans garden) and the legend of the hidden treasure.  The Trédion castle is located in Trédion in the department 56  of Morbihan.


A bit on the architecture/construction of it

It has an irregular plan building composed of several U-shaped buildings around a backyard. The two main houses are flanked by circular towers on the corners; the entrance pavilion is framed by two turrets. A tower and polygonal turrets occupy the re-entering corners of the courtyard. The building includes a basement level, a raised ground floor, a square floor and a top floor, only the back lodge has two square floors. The shell is in rubble partially coated with basement, frames of bays, balconies, horizontal bands, machicoulis, cornices and skylights in stone. The elevation is ordered, its ornamentation is neo-Gothic style.


A bit of history I like

The Castle of Trédion was built in the 1350s, the Manor of Trédion was the property of the Dukes of Brittany. The vast forests that surrounded it made it a favorite hunting rendezvous. Great names possessed over the centuries the lands of Trédion. Among them, the Malestroit, John IV of Rieux, the Marquis de Nesle, Guy Paul de Coligny, the Princess of Salm, Peter II of Sérent, Charles Fouquet in 1683, distant relative of the Intendant Nicolas Fouquet, the origin of the legend of Trédion’s treasure which would be buried at the foot of an oak tree!


If the Castle of Trédion knew illustrious owners during this period, it received more illustrious guests still. King François I, who in 1518 was rested  and lodged at the Castle one night, before joining the next day Vannes . The Queen Mother Catherine de Medici  Regent of the Kingdom of France and a host of Coligny, lived at the Castle at least two weeks in  May of 1570.


The park drawn in the 19C around 1820, with its irregular alley, artificial river, waterfall, pond, pond and vegetable garden and orchard. It is an  English park sporting many different species with the gardens of sculptures and themes such as the clos du Roy, a  French garden, surrounded by walls of 4000m ², with basins. The parish garden (kitchen garden), the garden of the Druids of 5000m ² (with the menhir covered with fine gold).  Plenty of cascade ponds, stream, fountains, bridges, animal enclosure.  A fun route for visitors. During a 2-km walk in the park’s alleys, punctuated by 18 stages, families are invited to elucidate enigmas. The goal ? Take a maximum of Louis d’Or to Korrigans, the guardians of the treasure for three centuries. A fun game for the whole family!


It is in 1834, that Hippolyte du Fresne de Virel acquires the Castle and  lands of Trédion. He established in 1840 a high furnace  for the assembly of cast iron objects, and began the transformation of the manor to make a “Castle”.  In 1977, the Estate is sold by the heirs of Virel to Guy Turpin , a real estate promoter  in Vannes. Considerable renovations  were done in  both in the castle and in the park. You can rent the 26 apartments managed  by RCI, a timeshare company.


Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are

Official Chateau de Trédion

Parks and Garden site of France on Trédion

Lovely setting great for a walk or a wedding or just relaxing in its great golf course, etc. We are glad to have it in our department 56 Morbihan. Enjoy the Castle of Trédion! 

And remember , happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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