Some news from France, CCXXXVII

So here is my belle France again, and time to provide you with some news from France , a bit, just the way I like them. And thank you for reading, this is my 237th posts on the series!!!  A bit on the front well the canicule is gone now is bright sunny breezy cool temperature of 24C or about 76F , and in my eternal Paris is the same at 75F.

And now some news shall we! Plenty ,these are just the tip of the iceberg!

Paris Plage or beach which will deploy its sunbeds from Saturday, July 6, on the right bank of the Seine (1éme and 4éme arrondissements) and around the basin of Villette, (19éme). Almost seaside atmosphere ensured until Sunday 1st September. Not to be missed either, the Fnac Live festival (free entrance) which starts this Wednesday until Friday on the forecourt of the Hôtel de Ville (city hall 4éme). Clara Luciani and Eddy from Pretto will perform on Thursday night. As for film buffs, they look forward to July 17, date of the first open-air cinema at La Villette (until August 18). To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Liberation, the new Museum of the Liberation of Paris – General Leclerc museum – Jean Moulin museum will open on August 25 place Denfert-Rochereau (14éme arrondissement). Being new ,here is their official webpage: Museum of the Liberation of Paris Leclerc Moulin

The tourists will have trouble moving at the end of the bridge Bir-Hakeim, the side of the metro station Passy 16éme, on a sunny Tuesday (yesterday). it is actually the filming of “Treadstone”, an American series created by Tim Kring, the father of fantasy fiction “Heroes” (broadcast from 2006 to 2010). Commissioned in the United States by the cable channel USA Network, this fiction is inspired by the universe of the literary and cinematographic saga Jason Bourne (“Memory in the skin”, “Death in the skin” …). It features the CIA agents of the confidential Treadstone project, designed to train unparalleled assassins (the same program from which Jason Bourne was born). Jeremy Irvine (seen at the movies in “War Horse” or “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again”), Brian J. Smith (“Sense8”) or Michelle Forbes (“True Blood”, “The Killing”) ). Filming began last June, in Budapest (Hungary) in particular.

Bezons – Nanterre, the footbridge dedicated to pedestrians and cyclists comes out of the water The steel structure of 650 meters which spans the two arms of the Seine could revolutionize the daily life of cyclists. Coming over La Defense into Paris. See the work here on Nanterre-La Défense:

Events leading to the July 4th USA independence Day in Paris.

A new stage for the Mona Bismarck, (many times here! )which officially becomes this day , the American Center for Art and Culture. The ambition of this name change: to become the only American center dedicated to contemporary art in Paris Live special Independence Day. Mona Bismarck American Center. 34, New York Avenue (16éme). July 4, 2019. Free admission.

The Ralph’s restaurant (not try yet) puts America in the spotlight by proposing a new menu as well as several musical animations. A special menu only served on July 4th, in the inner courtyard of Ralph’s. The Ralph’s Restaurant. 173, boulevard Saint-Germain (6éme). Until 7 July 2019. Prices: 75 € for the lunch menu, 110 € for the dinner menu

Celebrate 4 years of the Belleville Food Market (lovely market indeed) on July 4th, with a special edition Independence Day that puts the great classics of street food US in the spotlight (burgers, hot dogs, mac n ‘cheese, lobster roll, cookies .. .) prepared by the best addresses in Paris (PNY, Echo, The Beast, Homer, Gumbo Ya Ya …). 4th anniversary of the Food Market. Thursday, July 4, 2019, from 18h to 22h30. Boulevard de Belleville (11éme / 20éme arrondissements). Free entry. menus less than 10 €.

An important point that not only is seen by locals like me , but more and more by visitors alike, Paris is becoming saturated with visitors and people in general. And nothing concrete is done about but to scare away people by the Mayor’s office!!!

So the city is trying to eliminate tourist buses coming in as well !!! The reception of tourists buses which is very benevolent  does not bring too much nuisance. In addition to the hyper touristic sites where this is not a problem, we see developing in some districts of eastern Paris, in the 11éme, around Bastille, Republique and Oberkampf, tourist gatherings that combine with places of celebration. We do not want any more tour buses as we observe in Paris in a totally anarchic way. The other big concern is the inflationary pressure on housing especially because of Airbnb is another common theme for major tourist sites. Pickpockets take advantage of the situation. But crime in Paris is rather low compared to other major cities in the world. Line 1 of the metro is particularly targeted. The police prefecture works there. All during a Le Parisien journal  interview with Emmanuel Grégoire (PS), first deputy to Mayor of Paris ,Anne Hidalgo.

The City of Paris organized a conference on the theme: “Are there too many tourists in Paris? “ With 50 million visitors recorded in 2018 in Paris and its region, although these tourist flows contribute to the economic and cultural development of the territories, rapid and poorly regulated growth can disrupt the daily lives of residents with noise, pressure on rents , commercial fabric transformation, transport congestion, blah and given us jobs too!!. The Fédération nationale des guides interprètes et conférenciers or National Federation of Guides and Interpreters (FNGIC), which brings together in France 1200 professionals, half of them in Paris, has another angle … that of tourists and of what they feel when visiting the capital. “No, there are not too many tourists. All spotted the paying toilets at 1.50 euros on the Champs-Elysees, at the entrance of the Tuileries Garden or in the parking lot of the Louvre. “But when you have a kids’ s in a tourist bus, it’s a real budget. They are part of the landscape of Paris: near the monuments as in the metro on the lines used by tourists. “Every day, we are confronted with pickpockets that attack our groups. Security is the number one problem for tourism in Paris, according to Aude Deboaisne, Vice President of the Confédération des Guides et Conférenciers or Confederation of Guides and Speakers. But even the police say they are overwhelmed by the phenomenon. ” Of course, the Mayor’s office does little for these situation instead comes to stop the flow of people coming into Paris lol!

The provence folks (as we call folks from outside Paris region in France) are the most numerous tourists in the capital where they represent, according to the Paris tourist office, 46% of hotel arrivals. Next come visitors from other continents (29% of hotel arrivals) and finally other Europeans (25% of hotel arrivals). In the list of Europeans, the British led the way (1.2 million people!), followed by the Germans (900,000) and the Spaniards (740,000). The North American market is doing very well: since 2017, we have ironed over 2 million! people a year in Paris. It is a very loyal public and does not travel in low-cost. Huge numbers in the Paris hotels  from outside France too!

The National Federation of Guides and Interpreters recognizes that the Louvre is doing its utmost to find solutions to museum entrance tickets. But the facts are there: on major sites such as the Louvre or the Eiffel Tower, finding a ticket has become a galley. The sellers on the run have felt the vein for a few months. They are now all at the exit of the Carrousel, and ask the tourists to give them back their tickets which can be used  in theory  three times. The guides who denounce the traffic where the tickets are resold 20 or even 25 euros!!!

This is Summer so work is always at maximum in Paris transports sites as they need maintenance ! And poorly done so, I know have family here who works in transports of Paris.  These are the lines and something to do about it.

RER A – traffic interrupted between Auber and Vincennes every evening and weekend from Saturday 13 July to Friday 9 August, in full from Saturday 10 August to Sunday 18 August, then again every evening and every weekend from Monday 19 August to Sunday, September 1st. – Traffic interrupted between Sartrouville and Poissy on the weekends of 6-7 and 13-14 July.

RER B – traffic interrupted between Lozère and Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse from Saturday 20th to Sunday 28th July. – Closure of Bagneux station from Monday 29 July to Sunday 25 August. – interruption of traffic between Orsay Ville and Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse from Monday, July 29 to Sunday, August 25. The solution ? Take the bus lines 197, 297 and N14 or the replacement buses provided.

RER C traffic interrupted between Invalides and Musée d’Orsay every week-ends and holidays until Sunday 29 December included. – closing of the Pont de l’Alma station until August 25th. – stopped traffic between the stations of Saint-Martin d’Etampes and Gare d’Austerlitz from Monday 1st July to Friday 30th August from 23h10.- interruption of traffic between the stations of Musée d’Orsay and Pont de Rungis on Monday 1st July to Friday 23 August (except Saturdays and Sundays and Thursday 15 and Friday 16 August) from 22h30. – non-served stations between Paris Austerlitz and Juvisy in the evening (from 23h) except weekends, from Monday 1st July to 30th August and from Monday 2nd to Monday 30th September. – interruption of traffic between Paris Austerlitz and Avenue Henri Martin / Javel from Monday, July 15 to Saturday, August 24. – traffic stopped from 23h between Pontoise and Ermont Eaubonne from Monday, July 1 to Friday, August 30 (except weekends, and August 13 and 14). The solution ? Metro lines 10 and 13, bus 63 or replacement buses provided.

RER E – interruption of traffic between Nogent – Le Perreux and Tournan and between Tournan and Paris-Est from Monday 1st July to Friday 5th July from 23h. The solution ? Take metro line 7 which will be reinforced.

Metro Line 4 – stop traffic all the way until Sunday, July 28 every Sunday morning before 10h and Monday, June 17 to Thursday, July 25 on weekdays from 23h30.

Line 6 – traffic stopped between Montparnasse-Bienvenue and Trocadéro from Monday 1st July to Sunday 1st September. – Interruption of traffic between Trocadero and Charles de Gaulle-Etoile stations from Thursday 15th to Sunday 18th August. The solution ? Replacement buses will be set up to serve unsupported stations during the works. Bus lines 22 and 30 will also be reinforced.

Line 7 – connecting corridor between Auber station and the closed Opera station for work lasting about 2 years.

Line 11 – closure of the Châtelet station platforms until December 16th.

Line 14 – Stop the traffic all the way on Mondays and Tuesdays from the 3rd to the 25th of June from 22h15 to the end of the service. The solution ? Replacement buses are planned

There you go, nobody told you to come in public transports in Paris in Summer did I!!!. And take the bus or walk as much as you can , best way to see the city!

On a lighter note, until September 1, 2019,  several parks and gardens in Paris open until 01h (1am) to allow everyone to observe a beautiful starry sky. No need to bring amenities, except a little wool for cooler evenings. Ideal for solo, to share with family or in love for a so romantic moment, here are all the evenings this Summer:

Saturday 06/07 at Séverine square – 20éme Tuesday 09/07 place des Vosges – 4éme Friday 12/07 at Parc Montsouris – 14éme Tuesday 16/07 for the lunar eclipse at Parc de Belleville – 19éme Saturday 20/07 at the Jardin d ‘Eole – 18éme Friday 26/07 at Georges-Méliès Square – 12éme Saturday 27/07 at Jardin des Grands-Explorateurs – 6éme Monday 29/07 at André-Citroën Park – 15éme Wednesday 07/08 at Belleville Park – 19éme Friday 09 / 08 at Villemin garden – 10éme Saturday 10/08 at Buttes-Chaumont park – 19éme Wednesday 15/08 place des Vosges – 4éme Friday 23/08 at Georges-Méliès square – 12éme Saturday 24/08 at the garden of Eole – 18éme Tuesday 28/08 at Parc Montsouris – 14éme Saturday 31/08 at Villemin Garden – 10éme. This is Paris at its best! Enjoy it!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!





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