In Auray V&B on the beer run lol!!!

So we had a nice Saturday sunny warm and waiting for the announce canicule of next week; we headed to cool off. No, not the beach this time but getting to our hang out beer place for a nice cold one and pick up some more for the house.

I have written a couple…posts on beers in France and Brittany which unknown to many it is very popular. Especially here in Brittany the beers are more than wines and then we counter the ciders!

One of favorite hangout because it is family oriented and friendly folks whether at the V&B stores in Séné , or Vannes or Auray. Of course, we go more to the store in Auray in the porte Océane 9 rue d’Irlande; next to the expressway N165 and the point of depart for the beaches south.


Oh yes, the stores are the V&B vins et biéres or wine and beers stores. The concept is very nice as they have a package store for take home sales and a bar with TV screen for on the spot pleasures. They stock Breton beers, and French but mostly the popular are the Belgians and Germans. We drink all of course, but again generally we go for the Germans.


Their general webpage is here: V&B official webpage

The Auray store is here on same webpage: V&B store at Auray

From their franchise site I translate at best into their story.  The originality of the concept is design around a strong idea, anoblir the beer and democratise the wine. The DNA is expressed in store by a sale blend into a cellar of wines and beers and spirits, double from a bar space dedicated to the discovery and the tastings.  The concept is reinforced by the after-work or happy hour, this trend that pleases and brings together all generations at the end of the day after work around a drink. The stores close between 20h and 20h30. In this warm atmosphere, an important place is given to choice and advice.  They make sure to maintain conviviality in their stores by offering the customers many activities: themed evenings, sports broadcasts, concerts… V and B, it’s not really a bar and not really a store, it’s a place to live that allows you to discover carefully selected products.


A bit of history I like

V and B was born in 2001 at the opening of the first store in Chateau-Gontier , in the department of the Mayenne 53, in the region of Pays de la Loire, a place where a wine and beer cellar lives, as well as a tasting area. From its first steps, V and B builds an image of conviviality around its worlds produced thanks to this tasting space, now a key element of the store.  The concept thus drawn quickly proved its worth, and developed with the expectations of our customers.

In all, always a pleasant family place to have a cold one, watch some sports and just say cheers to the patrons and owners who are always very friendly and by now know us very well ho ho ho!!!

So if in the area and want some decent normal great place to have a beer or glass of wine or scotch feel free to stop by at Auray and you will be pleasantly welcome ::) Oh yes please know your intake and drink in moderation but drink !

Auray VB terrace jun19

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. You’re making me feel thirsty! Cheers! 🍻

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