Masaryk train station at Prague!

Ok so will dare go into unusual territory for me. I ,of course been to Prague several times over the last few years but always by airplane! So why write about a train station? Well, read on….

I was staying near by and did my usual desperado walks in town. Just a simple mobile phone map and off I went into the city of Prague around my hotel. And voilà, I came into this train station which I found very nice architecturally so good for my tastes and I went in as a tourist! The experience was nice, and I like to share it on a single post for the train station.


Masarykovo Nadrazi Train Station  Hybernska street, Prague district 1 . It is the oldest train station in Prague, located near Namesti Republiky (great spot to be in Republic square) in the city center and very close to Hlavni Nadrazi (the international train station). I wandered about as was staying at the nearby Hilton Hotel  in V Celnici Street . This station services mostly suburban destinations, it is not so interesting for foreign travelers. Except me who was just walking around the neighborhood!


This train station can be reach by the numerous tramway service passing near it such as tram  24, 26; and Métro line A, and line B; the local trains stopping here that I know of are the  S4, S5,  S54, S7; and the bus lines  176, 207, and  AE (check this for latest info).

It was the first railway station in the city to serve steam trains, and the second oldest railway station in Prague. The station came into service in 1845.  Nowadays the station only serves regional and suburban trains, because the larger Hlavní Nádraží does not have enough capacity.  The station is currently being reconstructed, and will become the terminus of the planned railway connection with Václav Havel Airport.  A new plan for the train station Masarykovo Nádraží includes a walkway above the station. The rooftop walkway will reconnect neighborhoods that have been divided for 170 years!. The renovation of Masarykovo Nádraží is related to the creation of a new railway connection with Kladno and Václav Havel Airport, as Masarykovo Nádraží will be the last stop for both routes.(need to get update on when is done).



Masarykovo Nadrazi (Masaryk Train Station), was named after the first President of Czechoslovakia Tomas Garrigue Masaryk. The. Masaryk Station is mainly the terminal station of numerous regional train lines.  Important streets near Masaryk Train Station include Havlickova, V Celnici, Hybernska, and Na Porici. All very central for visitors and I love it.



Some webpages to help you enjoy this station are

City of Prague on public transports in English

Official train network on the Prague train stations

So there you go another nice walking experience in a city and country I do not speak the local language at all but always helpful folks in English that will guide you around if the mobile phone does not do the job lol!! For me is the best way to see any city walks until your shoes falls off!!! There is always a friendly bar/resto to refresh ::) Enjoy the train station Masarykovo Nádraží lol!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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