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June 22, 2019

Toledo train station!

So let me go to areas where most folks (do not know why ::) thinks that I have not done because I always prefer the car for long hauls on land. However, as anybody living in Europe can tell you, the trains are in, as well as tramways, buses, metros etc etc, done them all over the years. One reason I can write/talk about it well. Of course, nothing beats the view driving into Toledo ::)


In my beloved Spain, and my beautiful dream land of Castilla La Mancha, and Comunidad de Madrid,  I have done it several times the trip by train from Madrid to Toledo and vice versa. The stations are wonderful indeed and the ride is short and sassy.  I have written before on the Atocha train station in Madrid, and it is time I give credit to the station in Toledo.

The Toledo Train Station is located in the Paseo de la Rosa, corner with Calle Cabrahigos right on a traffic circle , and was inaugurated in 1919 and restored in 2005, stands out for its neomudéja style. This is of course in Toledo, autonomous region of Castilla La Mancha.


The railway arrived in Toledo in 1858 with the start-up of the line that linked it with Castillejo and with it the radials that joined Madrid with Andalusia and the Levante. In 1917 ,the works were started to replace the old station of 1858 by a totally new one, that was finished in 1919 giving rise to an atypical design station and of clear Neo-mudejar style that at the time generated controversy by moving away drastically from the sober and functional design of the previous structure. In 1939 Toledo was finally linked with the radial Madrid-Cáceres and with the Toledo-Castillejo finally in 1947. Due to limited used and little commercial use as main cause it was decided to suspends travel when RENFE ordered the closure of the line in 1968. Eventually , in 2005 opened the high-speed line La Sagra-Toledo, third line of high-speed open in Spain joining exclusively to the Sagra and without intermediate stations Toledo with Madrid.


A bit on the construction by the experts. The Toledo train station as said is of Neo-mudejar style covering an area of 12 600 square meters. It is done with brick, stone, iron and cement for its construction. The travellers ‘ main building consists of a central pavilion flanked by two lower-elevated lateral wings. The whole structure is decorated with poly lobular arches and stepped battlements on the upper part. At one end you will find the clock tower. Five doors allow access to a hall of great ornamental richness that offers a good sample of the handicraft and goldsmith traditions of Toledo such as mosaics of tiles, lattices, lockers and wrought lamps. With the renovation operated in 2005, the platforms were modernized, new canopies were built to protect travelers in addition to renovating the existing one, a 325 parking spaces, a new cafeteria and new accesses were made. The historic fence of the station was also resettled; the clock tower was extensively restored. In 2016 the façade was restored again.

The Toledo train station has two platforms, one side that accesses track 1 and another central shared by the tracks 2 and 3. It lacks service lanes or beach tracks. Since it is a terminal station, all the tracks are integrated into the same platform. It has ticket sales, customer service, toilets and cafeteria. The whole enclosure is equipped with services adapted for the handicapped. Outside there is a parking lot of 325 spaces, a taxi stop and an urban bus stop.

The Urban bus line No 5 is one that stops there and takes you to inner Toledo such as Plaza Zocodover. There might be others not familiar with. The official urban bus network UNAUTO is here:

Note, if you are daring as Europeans are and not much luggage you can walk to inner Toledo in less than 25 minutes, depending your habits. We have done it in 18 minutes! Easy walking and nice good for you.

The only connection of the station allows Toledo to reach Madrid with 15 daily train segments in both directions thanks to Avant trains of medium distance and high speed that complete the trip in 30 minutes.

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are

Official ADIF transports on the Toledo train station

Official RENFE on trans schedules and heritage of Toledo

Tourist offices of Toledo AVE train station and Zocodovar square

There you go another easy trip to a wonderful huge city to be a must to visit while in Spain.  Toledo is indeed require visit in Spain.  And for kicks I always have to stop in Yunco ::) their city/town hall page is here: City of Yuncos

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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