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June 21, 2019

Some news from France, CCXXXV

And here we are and its just Summer! It was a nice day at first sunny and 15C now is a bit cloudy and 19C or about 68F in my neck of the woods, In lovely Paris it is 73F and sunny. And here are my latest rambling on my belle France! ! Read this:  Temperatures will be summery from this Sunday on, with 30 degrees Celsius in Paris, 30 degrees Celsius in Toulouse, 29 degrees Celsius in Lyon and 27 degrees Celsius in Rennes. They will rise again on Monday to exceed 35 degrees Celsius. They are even expected to reach 40oC in some regions such as the Provençal hinterland or the central-east.  Only Brittany and Lower Normandy will sweat!! the Canicule is back!!!

The festival of Music or La Fête de la Musique is now as well the start of Summer!

This is the case tonight where the magnificent Louvre Pyramid will house the Orchestra de Paris for a symphonic concert. On the program, an excerpt from Berlioz’s opera Les Troyens under the direction of Daniel Harding and Dutch violinist Janine Jansen in Brahms’ Violin Concerto. More info in French here:

Also, TSF JAZZ awaits you at the inevitable jazz club Duc Des Lombards to feast around this music. From 19h to 03h Free entry to the Duc Des Lombards, 42, rue des Lombards 1éme. Metro Châtelet lines 1/4/7/14. More here in French:

And to end here with the the Cabaret Sauvage, in partnership with Société Ricard Live Music, offers for this Friday evening 12 hours of music continuously. While the monthly magazine specializing in electronic music Tsugi will take care of the outdoor part of the place, the marquee will house successively Pop / Rock artists in the early evening to switch gradually to the House. Bad eyes, Iñigo Montoya and Omar Jr are programmed. From 18h to 06H at 59 Macdonald Boulevard ,19éme. Metro Porte de la Villette on line 7. Be careful, even if it’s free, you have to reserve a place on the cabaret site. Webpage in French:

The Guild of Craftsmen of the Eiffel Tower, the label created by the company operating the Eiffel Tower (Sete) and its new restorative society, Sodexo sports and leisure. Have chosen 6 brands for showcasing them at the tower. These are from the especially melted for the unctuous artisan ice cream of Christine Champault, turbines done  day by day. The Maison Christine Champault is one of the laureates. Her shop at Rue  Montfaucon, 6éme hides a laboratory where the ice is turbined every day. The pure fruit and vegetable juices of Moodiz’s young tandem will be served on the first floor terrace and 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant; their products are produce at the command, in their laboratory-shop of the rue Blanche, 9éme. Four other craftsmen and their specialties also join the Guild: the salty shortbreads of the Deux Gourmands the “Garden Gin” of Sous les Fraises, the draft beer of the La Parisienne, and the specialty coffee of Cawatoès.  More info on the Guild here in English:

And for the citoyens and a slap on the mayor of Paris we have won , well him! The Jardin des Tuileries garden, managed by the Grand Louvre on state property.. Already, this winter, Marcel Campon had succeeded  in setting up his Christmas market, having been put out of the Champs-Elysées by mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo. This summer, new snub at the mayor of Paris, he installs the Grande Roue or Ferris wheel of the Pl de la Concorde. A ride of 60 meters high with its 48 pods that will make its first round this Friday night (tonight)  at an inaugural evening (which proceeds  will be given for the fight against homophobia),  and until August 25.  At the beginning of the week, the justice was partly right in canceling the indictment of the mayor of Paris who was suspected of having favored the “King of Fairgrounds”, during the process of awarding the location of the place of the Concorde for the Ferris wheel. In addition, last May, he was able to demonstrate, thanks to a map of 1828, that the site on which was placed his wheel was not land of the City …

Summer is here so what better than head out into nature to see them. At the Essonne dept 91 you have three nice spots. These are :The lower valley of Essonne. This 600 ha wetland extends over the municipalities of Mennecy, Fontenay-le-Vicomte and Écharcon. From one of the observatories of Fontenay-le-Vicomte marshes, you can see the colorful kingfisher or the majestic osprey. More in French here:

The ponds of Grigny-Viry,  stuck between the road N7 and town of Grigny, the site is a real green lung consisting of six main ponds. The best observations will be made on the side of Grigny on the l’Arbalète or pond of the Crossbow. In total, nearly 200 species have been identified. Bit more info here in French:

The Carouge Basin in Brétigny-sur-Orge. This artificial pond dug in the 1970s is very popular with the great cormorant. On the central island, inaccessible to walkers, these large black birds perch on trees, wings often deployed can be observed! Nature site in French with info and guide to get there:

Something closer to my old hangouts ,it  goes back to Louis XIV and testifies to the way medicine was practiced then. The L’Apothicairerie Royale or Royal Apothecary of Saint-Germain-en-Laye  can be visited every Saturday. The opportunity for the public to discover this superb collection of earthenware pots decorated with blue motifs, glass jars and boxes of medicinal plants  Located at the  Villa Eugénie-Désoyer ,Jardin des Arts, 3, rue Henri IV. Réservation at the tourist office tel +33 (0) 1 30 87 20 63 or by email :  .More info here :

And the Grand Bal masque of the Château de Versailles will be tomorrow with 2,500 revelers are expected this Saturday, from 23h30, for the grand ball masked!. The director, Hakim Ghorab, has imagined six artistic paintings that will dishevel. See it at the gardens of the Orangery. Price: from 88-430€ according to the formula. Reservations at tel +33 (0) OR more info at official site here:

The collegiate Church of Crécy-la-Chapelle, bright of 800 years is celebrating. It is at the Seine-et-Marne dept 77 east of Paris, the religious building celebrates eight centuries of existence with a cycle of reinforced tours and a medieval festival this weekend of June  22-23, 2019.Info on the local area tourist office in French:

And info on the guided visits Church location at 1, place du Marché ,77580 Crecy-La-Chapelle. Tel +33 (0) 1 64 63 70 19. Email:

This is the second year in a row that the biggest open-air cinema in France has set up at the foot of the Arc de Triomphe, on the most beautiful avenue in the world. See you on July 7th at 20h. A Sunday at the cinema is a screen of 144 m2, more than 1,000 seats to watch a summer evening a nugget of the 7th art. This year, the screening will take place on July 7, but not for everyone: to be able to attend, you have to participate in a contest. Just go to the website of the City of Paris to vote for one of the 3 films on offer, and before June 25. The films are  Jacques Demy’s Demoiselles de Rochefort, Philippe de Broca’s Man de Rio and OSS 117: Cairo’s Nest of Spies by Michel Hazanavicius. Inscriptions here in French:

After the success of the first season Love for the Game 1998-2018, the General Stores are interested in the universal theme of love. this second cultural season of The Magasins Généraux or General Stores will anticipate the future of relationships, sexuality and reproduction in the era of new technologies, the advent of robotics and artificial intelligence, scientific advances, and the evolution of practices, customs and ideas. The exhibition will bring together about forty international artists, recognized or emerging, whose work proposes a prospective vision on love and sexuality. Between dystopia, fantasy and hope, the exhibition is composed of 8 chapters, which explore as many future potentials, as the meeting under algorithm, merchandising, robotisation or the synthesis of the feeling in love. From June 21st until July 7th . Futures of love – Saison #2, Magasins généraux , 1, rue de l’Ancien-Canal – Pantin Exposition until October 21th, the Festival from June 21 to July 7th/ More info here :

As much I love Paris, it is like any other big city in the world some more some less. You just have to be careful especially if going out late at night.  The has  city launched  this past Thursday its plan of action to try to stop the fights between gangs of teenagers, who have already made eight deaths since 2016. A group of young people has spread terror in the sector Marcadet 18éme. It is here, a few hundred meters from the Guy-Môquet metro station, that gangs of very young people have been reigning insecurity for more than two years. Aggressions, robberies, racket,etc. Closing out with a bang until next edition of Some News of France ! This is not done for decoration read it and be prepare in English. Tourist office of Paris on staying safe in Paris

And if need to, this is where to call/go according to where you are in Paris proper: police stations in English: Tourist office of Paris on police station help

And the Interior Ministry police action in Paris in French; Interior ministry prefecture of Paris on tourist security in French

Some basic numbers here: Emergency numbers: police rescue: 17; European emergency number: 112; firefighters: 18, samu (ambulance): 15. bank lost or stolen credit card: tel 0 892 705 705 – 7 days/7 (0.34 euros/min). American Express: 01 47 77 72 00. Diner’s Club: 0 810 31 41 59.  lost or stolen checkbook: 0 892 68 32 08 – 7d./7 (0.337 euros/min).  Lost or stolen mobile phone: Orange: 0 825 00 57 00;  SFR: 06 10 00 19 00; Telecom Bouygues: 0 800 29 10 00.  Service of Found Objects, 6 rue des morillons – 75015 3430 ($0.06/min – call price) Monday to Thursday, 8h30 to 17h, Friday, 8h30 to 16h30.  The service is open, without interruption, from Monday to Friday, except on public holidays.

In the case of a physical assault, or theft the Police/ agent will also give you a written document allowing you to be examined at the Medical-Judicial Emergency (open 24 hours a day – 7 days a week):  1, Place du Parvis de Notre Dame, 75004. Metro Cité (Line 4), RER B St-Michel – Notre Dame. Tel:+33 (0) 1 42 34 82 85/29.  An official certificate will be established and added to your file. An investigation will then be opened to find the perpetrator or perpetrators. Use common sense counts the most.

There you go ,now you are all set for a wonderful stay in sublime gorgeous Paris. Hope you have a good Summer and a nice visit to my belle France.

And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all!!!

June 21, 2019

The quant streets of Rochefort-en-Terre!

Here we are back in my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely region of Bretagne in my belle France.  And as usual , with several posts on this wonderful town I need to give you a look at its quant streets of Rochefort en Terre.

A bit of recap on the town. Rochefort-en-Terre is one of the towns of character and history , as in French « Petite Cité de Caractère », it is ,also , a Village Fleuri four flowers rating!  or a flower town of France, and Les Plus Beaux Villages de France or the most beautiful towns of France designation. All worth it. During the annual TV show for choosing the most preferred town of the French it was chosen as well the  Le Village préférés des français or the favorite town of the French on survey by TV station France 2 announce by Stéphane Bern in 2016. More in French, see video: Tourist office of Rochefort en Terre on the most preferred town of France 2016

As said we come here often and close to our home so all year around even Christmas where it has one of the best if not the best Christmas market in the west of France , me think. A brief on the Rochefort en Terre

It is surrounded by the towns of Pluherlin and Malansac. The city is crossed by the D 777 which runs westward towards Questembert and east towards La Gacilly, a deviation, the D 777a that allows to bypass the city by the north. In the southeast, the road D 21 connects Rochefort-en-Terre to Malansac .

From 1903, Alfred Klots, (more below) owner of the Castle, invites painters in the city and sets up tourist activities. He had the idea in 1911 to launch a competition throughout the city: that of the “flowered windows”, which became over time that of the “flower villages” or Village Fleuri de France today!

The streets are all lovely such as Place Saint Michel

rochefort en terre

Place du Puits

rochefort en terre

rue du Porte Cadre

rochefort en terre

And many others of course, do not have photos of all of them…! However, there is a nice story very nicely told by locals that I like to bring up here. Its an American-Breton!

rochefort en terre

Alfred Klots was born in France in 1875, from an American family of Baltimore, MD ,that practiced the silk trade. Very early reveals his artistic talent, this young painter will follow most of his training in New York before coming to live in Paris in 1901 It was then that he fell in love with Brittany. He buys the Castle or rather what’s left of it,

It is in ruins and only the stables had been converted into a dwelling in the 19C. In successive stages, he will revive it and it will become his castle in Brittany. In 1918-1919 he opened his home to the American Red Cross , which makes it a convalescent center for soldiers , which would be worth to him to receive the Legion of Honor after the war. A willingly patron, Alfred was also interested in the development of the local heritage; and in 1913, it established an annual competition  which will make the village one of the most flower in France and as above the flower villages of France of today! . This American adopted by the local Rochefortais died in 1939.

His son Trafford Klots born in 1913, also devoted himself to painting. In 1940 when the war broke out he created the American Fund for relief to the Bretons, before engaging as an officer in the U S Army. In 1944, back in Rochefort en Terre, he finds intact the Castle and its collections saved thanks to the dedication of the gatekeeper. Trafford Klots will be made a Knight of the Legion of Honor by France. He died in 1976. Today, the Castle is a property of the Department of Morbihan that makes it live another way for our greatest a cultural center. At the slate time of the Sundial, their present, allied to the past has become an invaluable gift. that of a love story between Brittany and America! Nice story indeed!!!.

Some webpages to help plan your trip here and you must are

City of Rochefort en Terre on heritage

Tourist office of Rochefort en Terre on heritage

Tourist office of Brittany on Rochefort en Terre

Of course, I have written about the castle but that is in another post. For now enjoy the story, the history,the architecture and the streets of Rochefort en Terre!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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