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June 8, 2019

The Petrusse Valley in Luxembourg city!

Now let me take you to my cinderella country and wonderful natural environment while in a historic beautiful city. As said, we have come here often and we love it; can’t wait to be back! Of course, I have written several posts on the country and all in it in my blog.

This time I like to bring out and give more credit to a very special area for us there, the Petrusse valley ,park ,and all in it!!! Hope you enjoy the brief introduction. Oh yes this is in Luxembourg city!!

Let me tell you about the nice quant river here first. The Petrusse river  rushes into the valley that bears its name. This valley, with a depth of about 50 meters, was once part of the natural defenses of the city of Luxembourg and its Luxembourg sandstone rocks were dug and mined by the various occupying military powers, particularly the French with Vauban, in order to increase the defense capabilities from the inside and the basement. The casemates, some of which are open to visitors (for about 23 km in total!), are a spectacular testimony. As part of the fortification works, a lock was also built to allow the valley to be under water to prevent any invasion from this side of the city. It is in the district of Grund, that the Pétrusse is thrown in the Alzette river . The total length of the Pétrusse is 10.5 km, and its altitude difference is 80 meters. Nice!

The city of Luxembourg is located at the confluence of two rivers, the Alzette and Pétrusse. The latter rushes into this beautiful deep and shallow valley that bears its name: the Petrusse Valley. It presents itself as a pleasant green park, where it is good to walk there after a long visit of the old city. Indeed marvelous! Accessible by the stairs or via the elevator/lift of the Holy Spirit, this valley has been arranged for the enjoyment of its inhabitants and visitors.


The green parks of Pétrusse offer very nice walks, easy and very pleasant to do both on foot and by bike. It is an ideal place for jogging, but we did walk!. In summer you will appreciate the peacefulness and the freshness of its trails. Grund side, enjoy mini golf and miniature train(petit train or Petrusse express)  for the youngest, as well as a Skate Park; Hollerich side, a public basketball court is at your disposal.


The Pétrusse Valley also serves as a setting for the famous Duck Race that takes place every year in Luxembourg, with thousands of ducks coming down the river of Pétrusse! The 19th edition of the traditional Duck Race attracted the big crowd last  May 19th 2019. For the more athletic, you can also discover it by running the DKV Urban Trail. Enjoy the outdoor fitness area and skate park.

Easily recognizable with its apple-green color, the Pétrusse Express is the tourist train that takes you on a walk to visit the City of Luxembourg, especially the Lower City. The tour lasts approximately 1 hour and tells you the historical past of the City of Luxembourg. The small tour is an ideal family outing to discover the lower part of the city without suffering from uneven hilly streets! Indeed for a first timer it is recommended. The departure every 30 minutes is at the Montée de Clausen near Casemates du Bock (a must to see too).

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here and you should are

City of Luxembourg on the casements and Petrusse

Official Petrusse Express mini train ride info

Tourist office of Luxembourg on the parks of Petrusse

There you go another fairytail story in the middle of Europe, Luxembourg, we love it. Hope you have enjoy the tour.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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June 8, 2019

Royal Palace of Brussels!

And now for a grand edifice or building of our Europe. One of my favorite countries in the continent ,and lucky to have been there several times, my fav is Brussels. We have criss cross the city in several occasion whether coming by train or car and in all memorable times.

I have written several posts on Belgium and mostly on Brussels in my blog, but feel not given full credit to the Royal Palace, so, therefore ,this is my take on it. Hope you enjoy it.

The Royal Palace of Brussels is located at the  Place des Palais. Born from the meeting of four mansions built in the 18C; those of  Walckiers, Bender, Belgiojoso and Belle-Vue,  it now houses the office of the King of the Belgians, which gives its audiences and carries out its official activities, as well as some lavishly decorated function rooms for various annual events such as Heads of State visits and Christmas concerts.


A bit of history I like

In order to offer to the sovereign, King William I of the Netherlands, a residence worthy of his rank in Brussels, where he is supposed to reside every two years, the two central hotels, located on both sides of the rue Héraldique, were enlarged and joined by a central colonnade building. This was created between 1815 and 1829 to create what is called since then the Royal Palace of Brussels. Property of the State, the palace passes from the Netherlands to Belgium which becomes the owner after the Belgian revolution of 1830.


At the time of buying the hotel Belle Vue, located at the corner of the Place Royale, where he wanted  to  build  his palace, Leopold II manages to convince the city of Brussels to give him a piece of the park of Brussels in exchange for State funding for the redevelopment of the Place des Palais, which will be shifted towards the creation of the fence and gardens in front of the Royal Palace.


A bit of older story goes like this. There exists in the heart of Brussels a place called the Coudenberg where power has always been exercised. Long before the birth of independent Belgium, Charles Quint ruled and abdicated in his palace which was a few meters away. Later, the Austrian governors administered their provinces of the southern Netherlands. Following the French Revolution and the establishment of the imperial regime, Napoleon also chose this place to govern these regions. At the fall of the Eagle, the king of the Netherlands took control of the Belgian provinces and, once again, it is on this height that the choice of the new master of the kingdom is made. When he ascended the throne of the new independent Belgium, Leopold I walked in the footsteps of his predecessors. He was enthroned on this Coudenberg and moved into the Royal Palace, located a stone’s throw away. Quickly, the palace of Brussels is a winter palace while the castle Laeken becomes the summer residence. Then, the palace located not far from the center of Brussels will become the place of work of the sovereign while the castle of Laeken becomes the true place of life of the dynasty. Over time, all the kings of the Belgians made their mark on this building which has often changed its face.

A bit of description inside tell us about beautiful things.

It has columns of stone, marble, gilding, mirrors, bay windows, the staircase of honor is one of the centerpieces of the site. Witnessing the end of the old Regime, the Empire Room (Salle Empire) was used for the concerts and balls of the Court. Everything begins with the magnificence of the staircase of honor. Pass the Grande Antechamber; it displays the portraits of Prince Leopold and Princess Charlotte of Wales. Then visit the Empire, Marble and Glass Halls. This patrimonial and cultural walk continues in the Grand and Petit Salon Blanc, those of Goya, Coburg, Louis XVI, the Thinker, Pilasters and Marshals, to arrive at the Great Gallery which ends in the Throne Room. At 41 meters long, the Grand Galerie, which is inspired by the Apollo Hall of the Louvre Museum, hosts official dinners. Monumental and adorned with sculptures by Auguste Rodin, the Throne Room is the Holy of Holies of the Kingdom of Belgium.

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are

City of Brussels on the Royal Palace

Tourist office of Brussels on the Royal Palace

Official site of Belgian monarchy on the Royal Palace in French

There you go another dandy in pretty Brussels, easy to get there very central and very easy from Paris whether by air, train, or automobile. Enjoy Brussels and its Royal Palace.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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