Our eating in Rome!

Very simple title but I feel for our sake to remember them in one post. We have gone to Rome as a family vacation and rented apartments to do our own cooking shopping in local markets. However, as we venture out into the city we do need to eat on the run. Therefore , we had some encounters I will like to share in my blog with an unique creative post, Our eating in Rome lol!

There is so much to eat there and I only going to mention the ones I have been with the family vacation as on business trips there is another world altogether. So therefore, here is my take on eating in Rome.

Oh wait let me give you a shopping center where we found a great German restaurant oh yeah! Call it world mobility but there is choices everywhere. The shopping center is Porta di Roma or Gate of Rome just a bit outside the city center but we took the bus!

The shopping center of Porta di Roma is a wonderfully laid out, modern shopping center which offers a number of services for its customers  Inside this mall, there are cafes, bars, restaurants, and a children play area, including a train that brings children on a little tour. Among the many stores you’ll find clothing stores, sport equipment, accessories for men and women, shoe stores, electronics, hair dressers, skin care shops and many more. Porta di Roma also has a large movie theatre and an ample parking garage. To get to Porta di Roma, take the n. 38 bus that leaves every 10 minutes from Termini train station in the direction of Baseggio. The shopping center is at the end of the line Baseggio-Centro Commerciale Porta di Roma. rome

And as usual with us trying everything, our best meal was had at a German oriented place in Weiner Haus at the shopping center Porta di Roma. A German beer house with plenty of sausages and beers of course! The whole family love it!!! Here is their webpage and you look for locatoin Porta di Roma as there are several in Italy: Official Weiner Haus

There we end up buying better items at the Auchan supermarket and gourmet grocery stores and cooking it at the apartment with great Italian wines from Toscana and beers Moratti and Peroni lol!!! Porta di Roma shopping center webpage: https://porta-di-roma.klepierre.it/negozi-ristoranti/wiener-haus/



We check out Cinecitta too at the metro line by the same name but it was just a small shopping althought nice AC in hot Rome and good gelato there at Armonia del Gelato. Webpage:https://www.cinecittadue.com/2019/01/07/gelateria/

Then, let me tell you about Gustando Roma, this is a bit touristic near the Colosseum so the prices are a bit high but the ambiance in the basement is sublime and worth it; of course the food is good. Enjoying Rome in the shadow of the Colosseum, along the promenade of Fori Imperiali, you  are  enjoying Rome. And it rises exactly like the small Flavian amphitheatre built inside, which surrounds part of the room highlighting its best specialty: ice cream! More on official page here: Gustando Roma resto and ice cream parlor

They ,also, have a Facebook page lol!! Gustando Roma at Facebook


Il Gelato di Procopio (sort of like the ice cream of pinochio) we come back for the moment! Again and again, we even found out one of the servers spoked French . They ave excellent ice creams, choice of various fragrances. A special stroke of heart for Pistachio and Procopio that are just sublime. Perfect value for money. And always catch it on the way back to our apartment as is very near metro Bologna. Il gelato dei proscopio along via xxi Aprile near metro Bologna on our way in out of our apartment! Unfortunately here for the memories as it is closed. I was told there is another address maybe same owners but cannot confirm.


One of our all time favorite and even stop on business trips is the Grand Caffe Cavour at Piazza  Cavour. Of course, don’t get me wrong this is just for a beer or coffee business meeting, etc while enjoying the beautiful Piazza Cavour square. The food is not that good. There is some info on them at Facebook again… Grand Caffe Cavour in Facebook


The tourist office of Rome:http://www.turismoroma.it/en

All as said a Roman Holiday! Hope you enjoy it and do think about an apartment next time in Rome. and remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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