The Via Ostiense museum at Porta San Paolo, Rome!

So why not staying off the beaten path trail in my eternal Roma! As said, we have come here several times and we enjoy it mostly the architecture and the food. However, there are many nice things to see off the beaten path that are worth looking into me think.

That is why I am given them a single post credit for all to know there is more than the Coliseum for Rome. I like to tell you a bit more on the Via Ostiense museum at Porta San Paolo ! 

The Via Ostiense museum is located at Porta San Paolo or Porta Ostiense in Rome. There are exhibited important finds relating to the ancient Via Ostiense connecting route between Rome and Ostia and a model depicting the ancient city of Ostia. The Porta San Paolo or gate of St Paul is the gate of the Aurelian wall ,and the beginning of the street Via Ostiense that connects Rome to Ostia.

The Via Ostiense museum was built in 1954 to illustrate the topography of the area between Rome and Ostia. It is set up inside Porta San Paolo and there are exhibited the most important finds, found in the last 40 years of excavations, related to the Via Ostiense, that is to the territory between Rome and Ostia. It contains numerous objects of daily life, marble and terracotta reliefs, sculptures inspired by oriental cults, Roman copies of Greek and Hellenistic originals, a large repertoire of imperial portraits and sarcophagi , relevant to that of a child with dancing putti, paintings and mosaics, including the one in “opus sectile” 4C.



A bit on the description:

First Hall: This room is located on the first floor of the west tower of Porta San Paolo. A model depicting Ostia built by Italo Gismondi in the 1930s and an oil painting by G. Marelli depicting Via Ostiense and the territory that from Rome reached the sea

The Galleria della Saracinesca (or rolling shutter gallery).  There are three acropolis built in the 3C BC originating from a tomb at the Basilica of San Paolo outside the walls. They represent: Prometheus who creates man, a pheasant and a peacock, who in Christian symbolism want to symbolize the afterlife. Also in the same room there is a cast of the milestone of the 11th mile of the Via Ostiense dating back to the 3C BC. Oil paintings  related to a sepulcher of Saint Paul and various funerary objects in the same area

Second room: There is a model that reconstructs the hexagonal port of Trajan and the port of Claudius. Through the Cella Muroniana you cross the external walkway from which you can admire a view of the Pyramid of Cestius.

Third Room: It is used as an exhibition hall and / or conference room. Furthermore, there is a structure dating back to the 18C representing the ancient duty, later restored. In the garden in front of the entrance there are some funerary marble ruins from the imperial era found in the same Via Ostiense.

As it is really off the beaten path, here is some practical information on it.

The museum gate is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9h  to 13h30. Closed on Mondays, December 25th, January 1st and May 1st and the remaining holidays. On the first Saturday and Sunday of the month at 10h30 the Superintendence organizes guided visits to the Museum of the Via Ostiense with subsequent entry to the ‘Piramide Cestia’, by reservation by calling +39  06 5743193. Free entry.  Located at Via Raffaele Persichetti 1 | San Saba, Rome.

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are

Tourist office of Rome on the museum

Rome cultural site on the museum

And there you go , you are all set for a nice tour of the off the beaten path or trails of Rome. There are many, just giving you a taste. Hope you enjoy coming to the Via Ostiense museum and the wonderful gate of St Paul. Enjoy it

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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