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June 2, 2019

La Roche Bernard and memories of always!

So here I am on a very hot day for us ,went up to 29C or about 84F very bright sunshine and as a long weekend here we stepped out into our countryside. Between the old and the new , we have here the old, memories for a lifetime.

I have written on La Roche Bernard (or the rock of Bernard) in previous posts on most of its history so just will recap the ones I like and go there for it. Also, our sentimental journey to a place we have been several times with my dear late wife Martine by the Vilaine river.

la roche bernard

city town hall of La Roche Bernard !

Let me tell you a bit about the town briefly on the things i like about it and no , before wrote on the old stone there ,this post is on the water, the port the river the good French ambiance and family values.

La Roche-Bernard is located in the Morbihan Department 56 of Brittany/Bretagne. It is one of the twelve towns of the intercommunality of Arc Sud Bretagne and the district of Vannes. La Roche Bernard is a Flower town of France, Natura 2000, and Small Town of Character designation! La Roche-Bernard is located 36 km from Saint-Nazaire, 41 km from Vannes and 70 km from Nantes. The Vannes-Nantes axis (N 165 highway) passes through the Pont du Morbihan on the outskirts of the town. The Atlantic Ocean stretches about 20 km from it. The town of La Roche-Bernard is bordered to the south by the peninsula of Guérande, and to the west by the peninsula of Rhuys and to the north by the countryside of Questembert. Finally, La Roche-Bernard is located on the border between Brittany and Pays de la Loire regions (which in old regime were together as Brittany) ; but belongs to the Department of Morbihan ,albeit on the left bank of the Vilaine River.

la roche bernard

The port activity of La Roche-Bernard is attested as early as the 13C. The yachting is now the activity and the main feature of the port of the city.  And the boating scene, the festival of the Garenne, and the river port basin is what is magical here to come again and again. Today, of the 4 bridges built during the previous centuries, only two of them have survived. The Pont de la Roche-Bernard in 1960 is inaugurated the second bridge of La Roche-Bernard, a bridge suspended on the model of the bridge of Tancarville. The Pont du Morbihan in order to relieve congestion in the city, it was decided to construct a new bridge between the towns of Marzan and Nivillac just 1 km upstream of the previous one. It will be inaugurated in 1996. With a length of 600 meters, it is equipped with a pedestrian arch located just below the main apron.

la roche bernard

The rock of the Roche of Bernard is located on Rue du Passage, this granitic promontory overlooks the Vilaine river and the harbor. There are also 2 cannons that belonged to the French warship Le Juste or righteous sunk during the battle of the Cardinals in 1759. A commemorative plaque indicates that it was in La Roche-Bernard that the warship the Couronne or crown was built in the 17C. This are the emblems of the city and always make sure to stop by here.

la roche bernard

Let me give some webpages to help you plan your trip here and you should are

City of La Roche Bernard on its history in French

Regional tourist office of Damgan La Roche Bernard on La Roche Bernard

Tourist office of Brittany on La Roche Bernard

Then , what we love to come and have lunch or dinner here is at the very friendly and good food/price ratio restaurant Le Yackam’s Bar Brasserie on the port below the promontory and on the Quai Saint Antoine.

la roche bernard

Every time is different, as you can have the menu or the plat du jour daily dish with good wines or beers. Today we had all different dishes, me a codfish and chips platter with salad and a Tripel Karmeliet Belgian 8.4% beer from 1679! and  very nice and expresso coffee. My sons took different dishes and ice creams , same beers , and one try the Loburg Belgian beer 5.7% pilsner . All came in for 18€ per person which very good deal!

la roche bernard

The webpage for Yackam’s is here: The Yackam’s Bar Brasserie at La Roche Bernard

This is a repeat place and the one we stop by here, very cosy, friendly and right over the foot bridge over the free parking de la Voute by the quai Saint-Antoine .And if any boaters out there, here is info on the port of La Roche Bernard. Official passeport to the ports of France on La Roche Bernard

Hope you do come to this lovely port city on the Vilaine river between the frontiers of Brittany and Pays de la Loire regions. La Roche Bernard or the rock of Bernard is waiting for you. We always enjoyed it.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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