Gavres, Guidel, Larmor-Plage in the Morbihan!

And I go on with my beautiful Morbihan, showcasing my visits to this wonderful dept 56 of Brittany that I call home for the last 8 years. Ok these are beach town and more noted for that, and have written on them before. However, this post will be on the monument with historical architectural niceties that I enjoy visiting them all year around. I will tell you a bit more on Gâvres and Guidel.

Gâvres is located on a peninsula of the same name facing Port-Louis, at the entrance to the bay of Lorient and to the east of the ïle de Groix island. Gâvres is located at the northern end of Brittany’s largest dune cordon, which stretches from Pointe de Gâvres to Fort de Penthièvre, in the town of Saint-Pierre-Quiberon. Its history is linked to the craft of coastal fishing and offshore fishing with a predilection for sardine, before becoming a strategic military commerce place in the 17-18C, parallel to the development of the ports of Lorient and Port-Louis.

The Church of Saint Gildas b. 1888, in the form of a Latin cross, replaced the old Romanesque chapel which depended on a Priory located in Plouhinec. The former prieural Chapel, largely Romanesque, was demolished around 1880-1891,  and replaced by a Romanesque church. A stained glass windows dates from 1963. There are ex-voto models of the three-masts boats such as  “Saint-Gildas ” and  “Sainte-Anne “, that date from 1900.

Gâvres was part of the parish of Riantec until 1868. This small church was rectangular with two aisles. The central arcades rested on pillars. As the population kept growing, it became too small. The solution: to build a larger church. The first stone of the Church was laid in  1887 and the main work was completed in 1988. For lack of money, it was not possible to build a bell tower. A wooden campanile was erected outside the Church on the north wall to hang the primitive bell that was replaced in 1911. The cracked bell was melted and reformed to get the notes. The other two bells, come from a parish in Algeria. The blessing of the bells took place in July 1969. They are called Jeannine-Stanislas, Reine-Maxime and Marthe-Pierre. In 1971, the Church of Saint Gildas finally had a real  bell tower. Above the porch, a statue of St Gildas in granite, welcome visitors.

City of Gavres on the Church of St Gildas




Guidel is located bordering the Atlantic Ocean, limited to the west by the Laïta river which marks the border with the Finistère dept 29. It is a seaside resort of the coast of megaliths, its coastline has several sandy beaches. We past once again by city center on the wonderful Church Saint-Peter-Saint-Paul ; in the area the diocese of Vannes

The Church of St. Peter and St. Paul ; 19C, rebuilt in the early 19C, in Gothic style. It is noted especially by its large steeple cushioned by a polygonal spire and built around 1840 the parish church of Guidel is dedicated to the Apostles St. Peter and St. Paul. It is a vast building, with low sides and polygonal arrow. The choir is lined with beautiful and numerous stalls, and the lateral altars are now dedicated to the Sacred Heart, the Rosary, Saint John the Baptist and the Trinity.

City of Guidel on heritage

Tourist office Lorient south Brittany area on Guidel



Larmor- Plage ,the village of Larmor in front of its name to that of the ancient scripture of the name of the pilgrimage chapel “Notre-Dame de L’Armor”, which originally stood alone on this promontory by the sea located on the west bank of the entrance to the harbour of Lorient which marks the confluence of the Blavet and Scorff rivers, it faces the island of Groix and the Atlantic Ocean.

The Church of Notre-Dame de Larmor, is the ancient chapel of pilgrimage Notre-Dame de L’Armor, built before the creation of the town of Larmor-Plage, on the parish of Ploemeur. The building is built on a promontory near the shore: its situation facing the inclement weather imposes regular restorations. There are significant architectural elements of the 14C, 16C and 17C. The Church contains remarkable objects, some in particular are the commemorative plaque, in granite, of the construction of the chapel bearing the inscription 1506; in the north porch, 12 stone statues from the early 16C representing the twelve Apostles; a carved stone group representing a Virgin of pity, composed of 6 figures, from the first half of the 16C; a 16C wooden statue depicting a Christ of pity; a carved stone group of the first half of the 16C depicting St. Roch and his chiefdoms wooden statuettes of the middle of the 16C representing Ste. Barbara and Saint Efland; an 18C wooden statuette depicting Salome; Notre-Dame-des-Anges with polychrome wooden statue of the 16C, Virgin with long tresses, a red dress and a blue coat. She carries with her right arm a Child who holds a book; an ex-voto model of the ship “Le Saint-Jean”. Frigate bearing narrow square masts. The hull is painted green, the top in black with a white line for the battery. An altarpiece called “the altar of the Jews” composed of thirty eight figures in triangle dated from the beginning of the 16C; a set of joineries of the late 17C restored , made up of three altars and three altar-pieces with an Altarpiece of the bedside with a central canvas, the Madonna and Child surrounded by Angels heads and donors. In the lateral niches are placed the statues of Saint Efland and Ste. Barbara. The Altar, adorned with torsos columns, preserves in the niches the statue of the Good Shepherd and those of the four Evangelists. An altar in painted canvas whose central medallion represents to the Virgin and Child; the altarpieces of the lower sides of the choir with a central niche flanked by pilasters, with at the top, a painting depicting the Eternal Father. An altarpiece decorated with a statue of St. John the Baptist and carved wooden altar with garlands of flowers. An altarpiece with statue of Madonna and Child and altar on painted canvas appearing Saint Roch. We can see inscriptions: coat of arms and arms of donors. Great!

City of Larmor Plage on heritage

Lamor plage

Lamor plage

There you go another round in my wonderful beautiful Morbihan. Hope you enjoy the ride into these beauties on the off the beaten path trails of my lovely Brittany. These are Gâvres, Guidel, and Larmor-Plage!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!



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