Pont de Normandie!

So in my road warrior trips I have passed many bridges but none so emblematic of the human effort and grandeur as the Normandy bridge or Pont de Normandie. We have criss cross it several times but also by sea to be able to see its grand structure and masterfully built. Not even damage by winds and rain and only once closed to vehicular traffic in its history for prevention.

I have mentioned it in my other posts but feels deservely so needs a post of its own. Therefore, this is my humble hommage to my latest passing this month on the Pont de Normandie.

The Pont de Normandie is a cable-stayed bridge spanning the Seine estuary and linking the cities of Le Havre to Honfleur. This bridge is toll paying, except for pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists.


The story goes from official sources. Pardon my technical knowledge on bridge construction. In 1994 the main scope of the work beats by more than 250 meters the previous world record of 1993 (Shanghai), but this one will be lost in 1998 by 34 meters on the Tatara bridge in Japan. Its record length of cable-stayed bridge was lost in 2003 with the 2 883 meters of the bridge Rion-Antirion and, if one considers the length of apron suspended by guying (2 252 m), it is the viaduct of Millau (France)  which takes the succession with 2 444 meters.


The structure, which is of concrete, has a total length of 21 415 meters. It has a 856 meters span, with the 624 meters of the center being metal. The concrete pylons of this span reach a height of 215 meters.  The 23.60 meters wide apron accommodates four lanes for motor vehicles, two cycle lanes and two pedestrian-protected lanes.  The apron is made up of two parts. A metal part, long 624 m, overlooks the Seine at 59.12 m. this part consists of 32 segments of 19.65 m, each of them is connected to the joint head of one of the pylons by two shrouds fixed on either side of the segment. The remainder of the apron is in pre-stressed concrete for the two access viaducts as well as for the 58 m of reach attached to each of the two pylons.  Pre-stressed reinforced concrete compounds, Y-inverted pylons measure 214.77 m and weigh 20 000 tons each, of which 11 700 for single metal reinforcement and 150 for pre-stressing cables. Because of the spherical or roundness of the Earth, the pylons are spaced about two to three centimeters higher at their top than at their base.


184 Freyssinet cables or cable stays are composed of several steel strands, between 31 and 53, depending on the effort they must undergo. All are protected against external aggressions by a layer of wax and a polyethylene sheath. They are assembled in bundles and are dressed in a liner whose profile is aerodynamic. The whole length of the bridge these are between 95 and 460 meters long.


Some official webpages to know more details are

Official Pont de Normandy

Official Vinci construction on Pont de Normandie

Official bridge construction site on Pont de Normandie

And of course, you can drive on it and go back and forth between Le Havre and Honfleur but going under ground on a boat is ideal way to see it up close and personal so we have couple times too. There are two possibilities for a ride, two boats to choose from, same company Promenade en Bateau Honfleur.

The Calypso, a rescue whaling vessel with a capacity of 64 passengers, offers a 45 minute getaway and the discovery of the historic city, through its ancient buildings and history. Boarding: Quai de la planchette. This is a short inside the harbor basins ride only. Quite nice overlooking the nice architecture on the Vieux Port.

The Jolie France is a ride of 1h30m which will put you with eyes open all the time. Going by the passage of the locks levies, view on the radar, bridge of Tancarville, Le Havre, the heights of Honfleur, the island of birds, and as a final bouquet: the Pont de Normandie. Boarding: Jetty of the transit about 20 meters from the descent of the bus , 80 meters from the parking of the mole (4€ all day) . The best ride as it goes out to sea and around the Honfleur beach to the Pont de Normandie.  We take as it reminds me of my Mom and Wife who are at sea here. RIP





Official Promenade en Bateau Honfleur and Jolie France

Tourist office of Honfleur on the boats rides

Of course, I will tell you to ride it by car as well and it is a thrill indeed. However, by boat is best me think. Either way you will have a memorable moment on the Normandy bridge or Pont de Normandie.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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