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May 9, 2019

Places in Normandy!

Ok this is a miscellaneous post on places I have passed thru and visit briefly as a road warrior in me. Normandy has been with me for a long time and many visits to its glorious sites. There is one holy to me and will be basing several posts on it in the coming days or weeks …depending on my writing time.

For now, we took the trip on the N24 to Rennes and there the A84 to Caen and then the D579 to all these towns taken alternative routes along winding hilly roads and coasting by the beaches.

One nice hilly town we passed by always is Équemauville located in the Department of Calvados 14 as all the towns here and later . It is surrounded by the towns of Barneville-La-Bertran, Honfleur and Pennedepie. Équemauville is located 4 km southwest of Honfleur

 The Church of St. Peter, (St Pierre) is from the end of the 19C. However,  later as for now just tell you of the Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. Here in September 1477, the King of Portugal Alfonso V visited this Chapel every morning before returning to his Kingdom. Indeed, he would have decided to renounce his throne, writing his will in Honfleur.


A bit more on Equemauville on the agglo area webpage here: Agglo area of Equemauville on the town

Another dandy town we passed by and walk a bit even if a bit upper upper is Deauville. Great for horse lovers and casino players as well as a nice beach. We love the architecture of is Casino and train station jointly held with another next door town Trouville-sur-Mer.

Deauville is a  Norman seaside resort, and it is considered, with its casino, its palaces, its classified villas, its racetracks, its marinas, its Convention Center, its American Film Festival, its golf courses and discos, as one of the cities most prestigious in France. It is s 13 km from Pont l’évêque, 16 km from Honfleur, 17 km from Dives-sur-Mer and 42 km from Caen.

The casino of Groupe Barriére webpage on the city site is here: City of Deauville on Casino Barriere


And the Trouville-Deauville train station, rebuilt in neo-Norman style in 1931 and which inspired Dalat (Vietnam) and Pointe-Noire (Republic of Congo).


We follow up with Villers-sur-Mer another dandy beach town.

The Church of Saint-Martin is impressive and worth coming back for more. It was built in the second half of the 19C on a neo Gothic style and enrich with wonderful stained glass. More on the city of Villers site here:

Villers sur Mer

As said, it has a wonderful beach front, and sandy beach, more here:

Villers sur Mer

And another nice Casino right across from the beach from the groupe Tranchant more here

Villers sur Mer

The ride was wonderful to see the architecture, fancy villas and glorious beaches. It is worth coming back for in depth look; mark.

Like I said, the reason of my trip here was for more than fancy tourism but it always is catchy. Hope you enjoy the ride and stay tune for more on the big H!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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