Something different at Vannes!

Well in my turns and twists around my lovely Brittany sometimes life goes so fast no time to see it all and do not realise the bounties available in your own town even less area of living. This is the case of today’s post in my medieval nice capital city of Vannes in my beautiful Morbihan.

I did some errands with the boys as usual and have heard of things but never pass by this part of the city ….  routine oblige! Today ,was different! I went by these areas of everyday living of the Vannetais (locals of Vannes) and found some nice monuments with good deeds about them. I like to share them with my readers.

This neighborhood or district in French quartier of Vannes call Cliscouet is one that I past all the time but never dwell into their things as figure wrongly is just another local road. But there was something nice in it!

The neighborhood of Cliscouet is traversed by a series of old paths that have survived in the current layout of the city, such as the extension of the rue Madame Molé . The rue de Cliscouet is the main articulation. The path bypassing the property of the Hermitage, now gone, is preserved as a pathway. Besides the Hermitage, Keravelo or the Chevinière are still preserved, remains of 17C manor houses. The village of Cliscouet has not undergone any notable transformations in its structure compared to the old cadastre of Vannes. The construction of new neighbourhoods or housing complexes in the 1960’s and 1970’s has prompted the creation of a new parish, Notre-Dame de Lourdes.

The construction of this new Church of Notre Dame de Lourdes lasts just under two years. It is consecrated on the day of Palm Sunday 1962. It is going towards Conleau but in the neighborhood of Kercado. The Emmanuel community managed the Church, located at 52 rue de la Brise with access parking via Rue Lindbergh. This is a modern effort and now under the wonderful Emmanuel community of helping hands to the needy all over.


More on them and the church in French is here: Official Emmanuel community Church of ND de Lourdes

Paroisse N.D. De Lourdes .52 Rue de la Brise Tel+33(0) .émail: webpage:

Having written of the Cathedral of St Peter who jealousy keeps the tomb of Saint Vincent Ferrier and on the coming festivities of his presence in Brittany ,finally got me the push to see another church this one name after him. I always past by it and see the panel but never had the input to see it as it is in a residential area. However, today it was different.

The Church of Saint Vincent Ferrier at 59 rue Vénétes in the neighborhood of Cliscouët ,been the name of the manor house  located near the Vincin river which gave its name to this district born in the late 19C and which develops especially after WWII along the land plots of the rue Schuman and north of the old road of Bel-Air are the first to be built of small houses in the late 19C early 20C. The area is bordered to the north by the rue des Venetes and the rue Victor Basch, to the east by the rue Albert 1er and the rue de la Brise separating them from the District of Trussac. It stretches west to the Boulevard de la Résistance and descends south to the  chemin du Borgne and rue Cliscouët. Two major axes intersecting orthogonal limits to the north and east the area of land intervention of the city, rue Gillot de Kerarden and Avenue Winston Churchill.


Other than the parish center not much is written on it but plenty on the Saint that bears its name. This is the official site of Saint Vincent Ferrier festivities in English: Official Saint Vincent Ferrier

Paroisse Saint-Vincent Ferrier. 59 Rue des Vénètes Tel +33 (0) émail :

So now I have something different for you here ,and a reminder of cataloguing my beautiful Vannes for as long as my blog lasts. Thanks again for reading me!! Love you!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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