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April 30, 2019

Hôtel de Francheville or Myner at Vannes!

Moving right alone to showcase the beauty and independance mood of the people of Brittany with its unique history in France, and my lovely intact capital city of Vannes; let me give you some off the beaten path thing to see.

With so much to see it becomes almost impossible to see it all in one visit to any place, I am lucky to live in the worlds vacation hotspot and most visited country for a good reason. However as an amateur of history and architecture I do notice! And living here helps and living in the beautiful medieval intact city of Vannes (no fires, floodings, bombings here!) gives me a great advantage. One of the building I go by every week and my favorite old town shopping area and the site of the famous Vannes market is one with a bit of a confused history.

For years, it was call Hotel de Francheville until recent studies have shown it should be Hotel Myner, never mind , the archeologist, the locals still refer to it as Francheville! Let me tell you a bit more on it ,and hope you enjoy it.

The Hotel Mynier ,formerly Hotel de Francheville from the 17C is a private hotel located in Vannes, in the Dept 56 of Morbihan. It makes the corner of the place des Lices and the place de Poids Public.


A bit of history I like

It was previously considered to have been built for the family of Francheville, who gave it their name for many years. However, recent finding has shown that one everyone calls the Hotel Francheville should be called the Hotel Mynier. No, the most beautiful house of the place des Lices was not the home of Claude de Francheville,  seneschal (royal officer in charge of justice) of Vannes. The illustrious family also counts in the 17C, the blessed Catherine de Francheville, the origin of the construction of the Chapel of Saint-Yves (by the College(middle school) Jules Simon) and the Foundation of the Order of the Sisters of the Retreat. It was built in tufa and granite in the second half of the 17C this building owes its name to Julien Mynier a merchant. It dates back to the time when the Parliament of Brittany was exiled to Vannes, between 1675 and 1689 and is located on the site of an older building, probably with wood, of which some elements subsist such as on the ground floor (1st US), wall gutter water with an gavel arch bay on the ground floor and a chimney on the 1st floor (2nd US).

Part of the current location that belongs according to the archives before 1662 to the Guydo families and at best was occupied in the middle ages by the House of Robert de Callac, Maître d’hôtel de la Duchesse of Brittany. The building is then composed of a large house in a wooden panel overlooking the Place du Poids Public opposite the mill of the so-called Lices with courtyard, gallery, and stable.The acquisition of the ensemble in 1665 by Julien Mynier, merchant, two works campaigns were done the façade place des Lices corresponding in the 17C, while the openings of the south façade place du Poids Public are taken up at the beginning of the 18C.


A bit on the construction story I like

Built in coated rubble, the building is dependent on the existing elevation and offers on the façade 3 levels with elevated ground floor served by a double-flown porch in masonry, and on the south façade 4 levels, the first of which catches the slope of the site. The building is rectangular in its center but slightly shifted with a large stairwell, lined with a small courtyard covered today. The hotel develops a grid-lined façade with granite on the eastern façade, and limestone on the south façade headbands. The rectangular-shaped bays are paired in granite and topped on the square side of the granite tables. The dormers are adorned with semicircular white stone pitons; on the southern façade, they are covered with a circle-segment arch and alternately show triangular and curved pitons; presence of a cornice with white stone modillions. A limestone-edged, rounded corner, topped with an imperial roof topped with slates in tortoiseshell adorns the southeast corner of the hotel, offering a viewpoint on both places. The sample is based on three horns adorned with scallops. A staircase, with turns by day in framing, serves the floors. There is the existence of another secondary service staircase taking its departure on the half-story landing.



Some webpages on Vannes to help your visit to the great city are

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There you go another gem to see and marvel in my pretty Vannes, the Hotel de Francheville , ooops Hotel Myner is something to admire for all lovers of architecture and history.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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