The Church of St Patern at Vannes!

Well back to my playground and the city I work for the last 8 years! I have of course several posts on its wonderful history architecture and beautiful monuments. However, done the  Cathedral but not the second best Church in town, and its about time.

Sure done bits and pieces in other posts but it deserves a post of its own. I will like to tell you a bit more of a wonderful neighborhood we love and the Church of Saint Patern of Vannes. Bien sûr in the Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Brittany!

The Church of Saint-Patern, located in the district of the same name, is dedicated to Saint Patern, first Bishop of Vannes in the 5C. The Church is located at the corner of the rue de la Fontaine and Rue Saint-Patern. A very nice quant medieval part of Vannes  It replaces a former 10C chapel  that housed the relics of Saint Patern, the first Bishop of the bishopric of Vannes and one of the seven founding Saints of Brittany.


The district takes its name from the Church of Saint-Patern located at its center. It is bounded by the streets of Lieutenant-Colonel Maury and Francis Decker to the West, the Boulevard de la Paix to the North and  rue St. Tropez  to the South and East. The current Quartier Saint-Patern is located on the slopes of the Hill of Boismoreau, which was the implantation of the ancient Darioritum, founded in the 1C B.C. As such, many Gallo-Roman vestiges were found there such as a Forum, the baths, the villas.etc.. The settlement of the district disappears from the 3C, when the Gallo-Romans took refuge behind walls on the Hill of Mené, during the troubled period of the fall of the Roman Empire.

the Church of Saint-Patern was destroyed in the 10C during the Norman invasions in Brittany. This first Church destroyed by the Normans was replaced in the 11C by a Romanesque church that saw in turn collapse in 1721 and the rest of the Church 5 years later. The Church is rebuilt in the next century and is an important pilgrimage stage throughout the middle ages. Saint Patern, first attested Bishop of the bishopric of Vannes, is one of the seven founding saints of Brittany. Its relics, preserved in Vannes, attract the crowds of the pilgrims of the Tro Breizh. The pilgrimage created homeric paginates in the city in the 14C. The clergy of Saint Patern and the canons of the Cathedral of Vannes argue for the right to present the relics, to receive the venerations, and thus the offerings.


The faithful of the parish of Saint Patern defend their rights against the canons aided by sergeants of the Duke. The parishioners made the lookout and locked themselves in the Church upon the arrival of the canons ‘ supporters. The clergy, however, recommend the faithful to throw the offerings through the windows of the Church. The case is settled by the intervention of the clergy of Rome. In the 15C, the pilgrimage was partly abandoned after the passage and preaching of St. Vincent Ferrier, which made the Patron Saint a shadow figure.

The stained glass windows of 1737 in the choir were replaced in 1882 and then in 1918. The stained-glass window of the north gate, Christ surrounded by eight children is from 1923. There are 6 retables, including the altarpiece of the Sainte-Parenté or kinship in the north transept and Saint-Isadore in the south transept dating from the 18C. The altarpiece of the resurrection of Christ, at the bottom of the choir enlarged in 1925, dates from 1744. The pulpit to preach is 1813. The bell tower is a bit truncated at 50 meters and a lot of granite stone in construction of Gothic and Roman traces.

The current Church of Saint Patern was rebuilt as early as 1727. The large staircase, the granite bell tower and its lantern are started in 1769 but the arrow can only be completed in 1826. The French revolution confiscated the silverware of the Church, and in particular the Patron Saint  silver chief, and sold the property of the brotherhoods, chapels, and communities scattered throughout its territory. The Church was renovated between 1878 and 1886.


From January 2007 to March 2008, the Church of Saint Patern experienced a complete restoration in the original Baroque style: roofing, framing and vaulting, plastering, sealing, electrical installations, strengthening of the Bell Tower, complete renovation of the paving with integration of a heated floor, re-arrangement of the choir with the laying of a set of choir stalls in carved solid oak dating from 1695.

Again from me , some webpages to help you plan your trip here and you must!

Official Church of St Patern of Vannes

City of Vannes on history and heritage

Tourist office of the Gulf of Morbihan on St Patern neighborhood

Tourist office of Brittany on Vannes

There you go  a nice tour of a very nice neighborhood and pretty Church of Saint Patern. History, architecture, and great shops and restos around it , just what you need to be here!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!



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