Hôtel de Ville of Vannes!

Well need to tell you more as I did with my other two city halls in Paris and Versailles, the one now mine at Vannes is almost a replica, confirm with that of Paris. This is something, again, have written in bits and pieces before but feel needs a post of its own.

Therefore, let me tell you a bit more of the Hôtel de Ville or City/Town Hall of Vannes!


The City/Town Hall of Vannes is a part of the municipal services. The City/Town Hall, located on the Place Maurice Marchais, was built between 1880 and 1886. The other part of the municipal services of Vannes are located in the municipal administrative center on Rue Joseph Le Brix, just to your left as you come out of the old Hôtel de Ville.


The City/Town Hall of Vannes was built to replace an old city/town hall in poor condition and not reflecting the ambitions of a prefecture city. Located at the place des Lices, the old city/town hall was a typical Breton-style building. Rescued from destruction, the staircase of the old city/town hall was installed in the 1960’s  in the courtyard of the Hotel de Limur. (see my post on Limur)

In 1878, the Municipal Council of Vannes fixed the location of the City/Town Hall on the place Napoléon, present day place Maurice Marchais and former place du Marché. This building wanted by the Republicans after their victory over the Monarchists in 1878 was the triumph of Republican ideas.

The City/Town Hall is of Italian Renaissance style  and a copy, on the scale of Vannes, of the City/Town Hall of Paris(Hôtel de Ville).


The main 4-story building is framed by 2 pavilions. On the main façade, the frontispiece is equipped with a clock and topped by the crest of the city. Reminiscent of the former belfry, the steeple located at 36 meters in height dominates the ensemble. The columns engaged in Corinthian capitals and pilasters punctuations the openings. On the side pavilions, the frontons of the windows are alternately triangular and curved. Republican cartridges and volutes still adoring this façade.


A monumental flight of stairs guarded by 2 Lions in cast iron leads to the entrance where 4 busts welcome you with Lesage, Descartes, Thiers and Mirabeau. The Interior is the image of the outside. It includes statues and stained glass depicting the marriage of Anne of Brittany and Charles VIII in 1491 at the level of the magnificent staircase of honor.

More info on the city of Vannes page here: City of Vannes on the City Hall

Hope you enjoy the building, it can be visited and with a guide go into the details of it. The Hôtel de Ville of Vannes is on the rue Thiers on the edge of the old town where you can walk into the middle ages and beauty behold you!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!



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