Conleau Peninsula at Vannes!

So let’s stay around water and Vannes, my capital city. Another spot where I have written bits and pieces in my other blog posts but never one dedicated to it. This is another idylic spot down tuck in a corner of the Gulf of Morbihan, in the Conleau peninsula of Vannes!

Conleau is one of the neighborhoods of the city of Vannes. It includes the Conleau peninsula. The District of Conleau is located south of Kercado and Cliscouët districts. It comprises a built-up area, consisting of detached houses and some collective dwellings, as well as an unbuilt area, the pointe des Émigrés (emigrants point)  and the Parc du Golfe (Gulf park) , which includes the Chorus (exhibition congress center), Jardin aux Papillons(butterflies garden)  and the Aquarium of Vannes. It was built mainly during the 20C from two former hamlets named the Petit Conleau and the Grand Conleau, each composed of a Manor and farmhouses. One of these farms now houses the Maison de la Nature (nature house).

You have a bowling alley at Le Master just across from the Chorus;  facilities for discotheques, cafe, and sports TV screens. You have a wonderful   Balnéo , that is rocking, just need to have more time to enjoy it, one time is not enough lol!!

And right alongside you have the one two combination of  the Mercure hotel and the Brasserie Edgar inside. I just hang out with my twin boys, so we had some beers together at one of the icons of the area Brasserie Edgar, 19 Rue François Daniel, wonderful property and one of my favorite hotel chain anywhere.

The Pointe des Emigrés was called in the 18C, Pointe Kérero. This protected green area of about 30 hectares (including 10 hectares of marshes), is located in the District of Conleau, along the Marle river . It culminates at 11 meters. With the shores of Vincin, a neighboring site located on the other side of the Conleau peninsula, it forms a protected set of 70 hectares. The Pointe des Emigrés  is criss-crossed by several footpaths totalling about 3 kilometers. A great spot for walkers and dog walkers like us!!

However, it has  a somber history for the Breton here and it is protected. In 1795, 748 Bretons, immigrant prisoners of the Quiberon expedition (invasion from England against the French revolution), were shot in Morbihan. The staff of the expedition is executed on 28 July in Vannes, on the site of the Garenne. 374 other Bretons are shot in the vicinity of the city, including part of the site of the Hermitage. In remembrance of this massacre, the place was symbolically renamed the point of the emigrants or pointe des emigrées.

The Conleau peninsula  is an ideal spot for families,barbecue, and just soak in the tranquil life away from the city and crowds.  We had family visitors from the Nord (France) ,but they are off to the Inter Celtique Festival in Lorient, (coming up again in Aug ’19) ,and we done that so we went to the Conleau for a relaxing moment of our own.

The Conleau peninsula is a former island of the Gulf of Morbihan, connected to the Mainland by a dike road from 1879. Of modest dimensions (about 500 meters in  lenght for an average width of 100 meters.

It lies at the confluence of the rivers Vincin andMarle, the two main streams of Vannes. The peninsula is separated from the town of Arradon by the Vincin river and the town  of Séné by the Marle river.


In 1878 the résidents decided to give a different look at the area so they created a seawater pool surrounded by cabins of bath , chalets , a restaurant, and a grand hotel  (now Best Western Le Roof). As early as 1879, adike-road connects the island to the mainland , promoting the development of the small seaside resort.

The colorful Guinguette créperie, no webpage but probably the best spot for eating in my opinion. Other good ones are the Corlazo  Café Allée du Dr-François-Salomon facing the pool and the Café de Conleau as well as restaurant le Roof in the Best Western hotel (le cafe is good too) provides all the eating/drinking you need. There are public bathroom and change rooms available.


Le Roof Restaurant at Conleau

Café de Conleau inside the Best Western Hotel: Cafe de Conleau

Nice site I follow for years on beaches of France, here is the pool of sea water at Conleau ,



For the camping aficionado there is a great facility there; City of Vannes on Camping Conleau

And for family camping out in nice mobile homes there more info here: Flower Camping on Conleau camping


There is a nice pines forest of Conleau. All along the shores of the Gulf of Morbihan and the banks of the Vincin river, this pinewood, composed of sea pines and secular oaks, gives this site a maritime atmosphere that offers shade and freshness to the many visitors. There is a sea-water pool, a beach and a children’s playground as above.



More on the area tourist office here: Toursit office of the Gulf of Morbihan on Conleau basin

Its a wonderful spot to spent your weekend and relax while enjoying the wonderful natural beauty of the place and always on the lookout into the Gulf of Morbihan. The Conleau peninsula is a great way for us to escape and even take our dog Rex! he loves it!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. I think I remember your previous blog post on this and reading about the massacre. I am glad they reinvented themselves for a happier and prosperous future. Lovely photos.

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