Port Haliguen in the Quiberon peninsula!

I am re blogging this post my way , it is from July 2017 but merits more showing. In this time of the year the place is pack with visitors and locals alike and the weather is great of course.  What I am talking about, well it’s Quiberon, the peninsula south of me, my backyard. And more specifically Port Haliguen; which not had written much about yet.


There is a nice lighthouse done in 1856 and the marina was done from 1968; it is now on its way to be improve and enlarge from its current 1200 moorings. The governing body is on a plan right now such as a large renovation project at Port Haliguen is now underway. It involves: The large-scale dredging of the west dock (Bassin de Castero), which will be followed by the east basin (Bassin du Porigo).The complete re-planning of the quays, pontoons and commercial premises.The creation of a lively centre around the basin. This will improve the services for boat owners, develop the port and strengthen its identity. A sensible extension of the number of moorings. and you can read more on it here in English as well : http://www.quiberon-port-haliguen.com/en/

There are beaches in between very nice, the wild and secluded plage de Castéro  and Kermorvan to the left facing the harbor and plage de Porigo to the right all the way to the plage du Fort Neuf.  Several fishing, boating, beach shops have opened up here as well as créperies, restos and bistro à vins.

More info on the above ,and on my favorite beaches here of Castero and Porigo on the Plages TV website here:





You can, also, see the expositions in the Maison du Phare a sort of events place for the area.More info here:  http://en.quiberon.com/activities/boating-and-sports/2251486-la-maison-du-phare


You find all kinds of boats here from cruisers to dingy zodiac types, from motor to sails, combine, and catamarans. It is really a gorgeous spot to be in. We parked behind the Port Haliguen hotel right facing the harbor on a side street for free! Plenty of this type of parking if you come early.



The lighthouses are always a pretty sight, and the bigger one from 1856 or phare de Port Haliguen can be seen for 10 miles with a height of 12 meters and no more in operation. Two smaller red phares or lighthouses are on the causeway out to see; the one on the left has 11 miles vision at 8 meters high; the one on the right has 8 miles vision of a high of 7 meters. On the north dam, there is another lighthouse,this one green with a vision of 6 miles and  9 meters high.


Then, there is the Maison du Port or house of the harbor where the Yacht Club de Quiberon is house with a full program and plenty of boats in its yard. If interested, more info here in French:  http://www.ycquiberon.com/index.html


Then, you have the Capitainerie or harbormaster in Port Haliguen, VHF Chanel 9. Contact on right hand column of this webpage:  https://www.passeportescales.com/en/port-haliguen-quiberon


Oh yes if you are looking to stay close to the action than by all means consider the Port Haliguen Hotel right across from the harbor! And good free parking behind it too! More here:  https://www.hotel-port-haliguen.com/fr/accb5/


You have a nice train station where you can walk to the Grande Plage and all the rest is not far, we parked and walk all over… the train station only in summers a special service from Auray on the Tire-Bouchon service or screwpull train. You can, also, come on TIM bus line 1 from the Auray train station here. More on it here:  https://www.ter.sncf.com/bretagne/loisirs/lignes-touristiques/tire-bouchon

The TIM bus line 1 has two schedules summer and rest of the year. So you find it here: https://www.breizhgo.bzh/se-deplacer-en-bretagne/se-deplacer-en-car/morbihan


There is plenty of shopping in town and of course a supermarket for groceries and sundries items, we have visited the Casino supermarket lately and it is very good for a tourist beach town. More and for updates here:  https://magasins.supercasino.fr/supermarche/quiberon/CS282


Driving out of town it is great to do so on rue du Port Haliguen where the Casino (betting) is on, and you past just in front of the Church of Notre Dame de Locmaria in city center.  You ,also, drive on the causeway in and out, one road two lanes in and out, and past the historic Fort of Penthievre, still a military installation but a site of firing squads assassination during the Nazi occupation. I have written on these several times before.




Another dandy spot in my beautiful Quiberon peninsula, Port Haliguen is kind of secluded nice and great for the whole family. Enjoy it

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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