A paradise found, La Trinité sur Mer!!!

It never cease to amaze me of the gems we have in my belle France, and my beautiful Brittany just needs to be seen more. I am always wondering where to go as always a difficult decision here. However, going to La Trinité sur Mer is sublime. This is heavens for boaters, but a great leisure day can be spend here, more if you decide to partake the wonderful beaches here.

I have written about La Trinité sur Mer  before in my posts. So this is a recap with some common information. To start ,I always look up the tourist office ,the office is just before reaching the Casino on the wharfs, webpage http://www.ot-trinite-sur-mer.fr/en/default.aspx   ,then for bit more on transports I take a look at the city mayor’s site , let me tell you by TIM bus line 1  Auray-Carnac-Quiberon ,you can connect from Paris Montparnasse to Auray and there take this bus to LTM. Of course, we come by car , off the N165 expressway exit on D28  dir St Philbert, and find easy free parking at Place du Voulien (except market days), Stade de la Vigie, Le Poulbert by rue du Men Du,dir Carnac, and Le Men Du by the beach.   There is a small parking above the main street Kermogat.

la trinite sur mer

The highlights for me here other than seeing the boats, and walking the upper city hilly street all with beautiful views of the bay below is to eat or beach activities.  There is a great bridge over the harbor, pont de Kerister, and a nice resto A l’etage just by the end of the marina with good food and great views; upper floor with a cold one lazy outlook you can spend several hours there lol!!!  This site in French but nice picture tells you of the bridge of Kerister the new one from 1956 but was initially conceptualise by Gustave Eiffel (you know him!). http://locmariaquer.info/f221_%20le%20pont%20de%20Kerisper.htm

la trinite sur mer

Oh yes the beaches, well give the names, port Men Allen,Kerbihan, Kervillen (the best), and Le Men Du. The tourist office tells you more about them,  http://www.ot-trinite-sur-mer.fr/en/les-plages.aspx

This is a webpage that I always look when looking for beaches to go here Plages TV, have it on La Trinité sur Mer: https://en.plages.tv/seaside-resorts/la-trinite-sur-mer-56470

Some further info on the beaches here:

Plage du Port, is a small sandy beach exposed to the East, located along the side trail with green surroundings. It is the closest to the city center, and the view stretches from the Kerisper bridge to the channel’s exit. It is accessible only from the coastal path sentier des douaniers.

The beach of Plage du Men-Dû  is a fine sandy beach facing South. It’s shallow. It makes the joy of bathers at high tide, and the joy of wading and fishing by foot on shallow waters at low tide. In the center, dominates the island of Stuhan (l’île de Stuhan). At low seas, this islet is connected to landside by a strip of sand, called tombolo. Parking with direct access allows you to reach the beach by car with ease. In July and August, a free mini bus, circulating on the town, serves this beach. At the same time, it has a Beach Club, which also provides surveillance. It is equipped with public toilets. Pets are not allowed. A bar-restaurant is located close to the beach.

la trinite sur mer

The beach of Kervillen or plage de Kervillen (good one ok) is a fine sandy beach facing South. A parking nearby with direct access to the beach makes it possible to get there by car with convenience. In July and August, a free mini-bus circulating on the town serves this beach. It is ideal for swimming at any time of the tide, and safely. In July and August, it has a rescue station (SNSM very good folks) open from 13h30 to 19h. A seahorse armchair for people with reduced mobility is available. It is equipped with a slipstream for small navigation gear (light sail). On site, public toilets. Family-run, it hosts a Beach Club in July and August. Pedalos (pedal boats) ,and kayaks rentals are also possible at this time. Dogs are not allowed. A restaurant and bar with direct access overlooks it and offers food and beverages at any time.

La trinite sur mer

There is a funny petit train or little train ride that takes you into the hilly parts of La Trinité sur Mer and the harbor front up to nearby Carnac. A nice quick way to see the main points,and giving you time to come back to see more in depth later on. You get on it at La Trinité Sur Mer by the cours des quais along the marina; webpage:  https://www.petittrain-carnac.com/carnac?language=en

la trinite sur mer

You to go to this resto A l’Etage , you can start here for an apéro drink before meal or the whole thing, one of my favorite there, great views and great company ,Yelp has some info on the resto here: https://www.yelp.fr/biz/l-etage-la-trinit%C3%A9-sur-mer-2

la trinite sur mer

la trinite sur mer

For lunch, you can try another favorite ,the Créperie Le Goeland, just in front of harbor marina on main street, men du, and it is on a second floor, you entered to a stair in beton  up to the upper level by the parking La Vergie and turn left, its just about 25 meters ,and the entrance its there. Very good food, although the portions a bit small, sausages and cheese galettes, ham and cheese galette, with poire hélene and banana split desserts and half a bottle of sauvignon white wine from Touraine(Loire); expresso coffee, was the last euros given here! .Webpage on tourist office:  http://www.ot-trinite-sur-mer.fr/fr/restaurants-la-trinite-creperie-le-goeland-e121-l1-r908.aspx

la trinite sur mer

Another place I do frequent and buy when I visit really early is the fish market, all fressssh off the boats and very nicely and cleanly done, they can even cook it for you on the spot!!! Yummy seafood from Brittany, the best in France for sure. They are the Halle aux Poissons,open every mornings,and another foody ,veggie, clothings type flea market that is on in summers only ,Foodies on Tuesdays and all types on Fridays mornings from 8h to 13h by the Place du Voulien continuing towards the rue du Douet. But hurry up as they are to begin remodeling the whole area on September 2019 and the fish/food market won’t open until Summer 2020. More info on the market in the city page in French here: https://www.la-trinite-sur-mer.fr/vie-quotidienne/marches/marches-de-la-trinite-sur-mer-et-de-sa-region/

la trinite sur mer

la trinite sur mer

There is a nice grocery store right in town such as Carrefour City, and other specialize food stores. Carrefour is a chain, and there you will find the best prices for your in house food,sundry items. It is on your way from the center towards the Casino, on your left hand side, webpage https://www.carrefour.fr/magasin/city-la-trinite-sur-mer

There you go folks, another gem in my background.  I am only 26 km or about 16 mi from me, and it is a delight at any time. La Trinité sur Mer is really a Trinity!! Enjoy it

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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