The Memorial of the Great war of Sainte Anne d’Auray!

Of course, this is not a tourist site but a travel site it must be for all concern with our freedoms and the effort that some heroes did for us and our future generations. I am always thankful to them. I am lucky to be on the side of areas that remember our fallen for a just cause and have one very near me. So on a nice Palm Sunday in my beautiful Morbihan let me go back and present you with a memorial to the fallen and a resting place of our heroes.

The town is Sainte Anne d’Auray, many posts on it in my blog, the site of one of the Patron Saints of Brittany, mother of Mary and grandmother of Jesus according to the Christian bible. One of the biggest pilgrimage sites in France but has a lot more. I like to tell you a bit more on it and maybe in your travels thru the area you too can come and pay your respects.

Sainte Anne d'Auray

The Memorial of the Great War of Sainte Anne d’Auray, built from 1922 to 1932 by the five dioceses of Brittany to keep the memory of the 240 000 Bretons victims of WWI; is a monument of 52 meters high and 12 meters in diameter. Catholic capture of a monument that wanted a Republican commemoration, it was aiming to bring together the names of all the dead Bretons, but only 8 000 are engraved on the wall in the form of horseshoe that encircles   the monument, on marble plaques that accompany a path of the Cross.   A huge crowd of about 150 000 people pressed for the blessing of the Memorial in 1932.

Sainte Anne d'Auray

The Memorial of the Great War of Sainte Anne d’Auray with its fence wall and plate the rotunde, which supports the eight arches, is crowned with a sarazinese helmet roof dominated by an opened cross. The dome houses a monolithic altar in pink granite of Ploumanac’h. The gate is framed by two large granite bas-reliefs representing the protective arms of the allegories of victory and peace. The funeral crypt is organized into 5 apsidioles arranged in chapels for the 5 dioceses of Brittany. With new conflicts that have grieving the country since 1932, a mausoleum has been placed in the center of the crypt, dedicated to all the dead of all wars. The symbolic tombs of the sailor and the missing infantryman, are guarded by Saint Michael, a patron Saint of France, and Saint Yves, a patron Saint of Brittany.

Sainte Anne d'Auray

Nearby you can see the cemetery on the D102 road that leads to my current town.

The National Necropolis of Sainte Anne d’Auray is a French military cemetery located on the territory of the town in the dept 56 of Morbihan, near the Memorial of the Great War. There are graves of fallen soldiers during the war of 1870, WWI, WWII and the Indochina war. There are also many Belgians who felled in France and the land belongs to the people of Belgium. The webpage is here: Roads of Glory French govt site on the Necropolis of Sainte Anne d’Auray

Sainte Anne d'Auray

Some additional webpages to help you plan your visit here are

Sanctuary of Sainte Anne d’Auray on the Memorial to the Fallen

City of Sainte Anne d’Auray on the Memorial and heritage

Tourist office of Auray on Sainte Anne d’Auray

Hope you have the chance to stop by on your runs for travel sites in my area of Morbihan. Respect

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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  1. Another sad reminder of our violent history. 😢

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