Church of Saint-Cornély, Carnac!

So moving from the beaches of Carnac (Carnac plages)  to the bourg or city center of Carnac (Carnac bourg) . In a way there are separated and looks like two towns apart but both are under the jurisdiction of the city of Carnac.  The beach is move laidback and grand houses commerce directed at tourism. The bourg or city center is more residential except around the center where the Church of Saint-Cornély and the museum are.

Again, written several general posts on Carnac just south of me about 31 km but would like to expand on a nice monument there, seen by all comers, the Church of Saint Cornély.

The Church of Saint-Cornély dates from the 17-18C , and done in the Renaissance style. It is located in Carnac, city center or bourg in the dept 56 of Morbihan, region of Brittany.  The Church celebrates the patronage of Cornelius, Pope martyr, became Cornély, the patron of the breeders of horned beasts.


As you entered the town from the expressway N165 direction Carnac on the D768 the first thing you see its the bell tower of this Church, you know you have reach Carnac!

The Church of Saint-Cornély is built on a rectangular plane with three naves. The pediment of the west façade is equipped with a niche housing a statue of Saint Cornély. The porch of the north façade is carved and dates from 1792; it is a Doric architecture with columns in cut panels, is topped by a canopy with ailerons, a crown and a cross.  The Bell tower, 40 meters high, dates from 1639. It consists of a square tower with a platform with railing and pinnacles at the corners, topped by a long arrow in the shape of a pyramid.


The vaults of the naves are in polychrome paneling with paintings about the life of Saint Cornély. The Chapel of the Rosary and the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament are dated 1732.  The porch of the north flank is topped by a granite canopy in the form of a crown of which no other copy is known in Brittany. The interior also contains exceptional pieces such as an 18C organ, but above all the 750 m² of paintings on paneled vaults, the pulpit and wrought iron grille of the choir, the lateral altars and the retables. Paintings that represent the life of Saint Cornély, Saint John the Baptist and Christ.





The pardon, (repentance forgiveness) which takes place on the second Sunday of September, is very popular since 1909, it is still organized nowadays, with in particular the blessing of horses

It’s all in the bourg where you have the museum, the city/town hall, the tourist office, and many shops and restaurants all around it. Enjoy Carnac and the Church of Saint Cornély.

Some webpages to help you plan your trip are

City of Carnac on the Church Saint Cornély

Tourist office of Carnac on the Church Saint Cornély

There you go a nice monument to visit while in the area, and different from the beachside. Enjoy it.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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