St Armel and Tascon island!!!

So on a nice sunny cool Saturday I am what else telling you about my beautiful Morbihan breton dept 56 in lovely Brittany. Well, we think we have seen a lot but really even for this old savvy travelers and living in several countries there are still wonders to be discovered.

Sometimes, there as easy as in your own backyard, we have so much here in my belle France ,that sometimes we do not have time to see it all even around us. This is the case of the post today. I have come many times to the Rhuys peninsula or Presqu’île de Rhuys and past by on the D780 road always, never mind going there. Then, talking with collegues at work on what to do on weekends , decided to take a look at the map and found there is another island you can go to in low tide from the mainland and it is off the D780! The town of Saint Armel wow so many times by it and now finally discovered the nice Tascon island or ïle de Tascon!! So why not some pics and a story for my blog to share with my readers, enjoy it.

st armel

Gulf of Morbihan, St Armel is on your right side middle page and I live up from Auray.

Let me start you off with the main town of St Armel.  The mainland town of Saint Armel, is the name of the founder of the town’s Church. The name of the territory of Saint-Armel is first Prozat or Prorozat. From 1247, it depends on the Abbey of Saint Gildas of Rhuys. At the French revolution, Prorozat is a simple brotherhood or Chapel of Sarzeau ( a bigger town down the presqu’île de Rhuys peninsula) . Formerly of Sarzeau, Saint-Armel was erected as a parish in 1849 and town in 1858-1859. The territory of Saint-Armel encompasses Bailleron island and Tascon island.

The Church of Saint-Armel   destroyed in 1855 , its immediately rebuilt until 1859. The Church is a banal form that has replaced the old Brotherhood Chapel. The square and pseudo-Romanesque Tower has three floors and a Bell Tower surrounded by a guard. The Church houses a statue of the Virgin and the Child, in cardboard molded pulp, dated from the beginning of the 19C.

st armel

Then you go to a parking area and a narrow road today covered with water, I knew it as coming in saw the water tide up but went in anyway to see it first time; we will be back! Tascon is an island in the Gulf of Morbihan located in the town of Saint-Armel in the Morbihan dept 56 of Brittany. The island of Tascon or ïle de Tascon is generally rectangular in shape; its longest diagonal stretch does not exceed 1.5 km, and with 55 hectares, it is the third island of the Gulf by its surface.

st armel

One of the famous in Brittany was born here Marie le Franc which while study here went to Montreal Canada to teach French as well as newspaper reporter from 1906 to 1929. She later made several trips between France and Canada from 1929 to 1958 , where she start to published novels such as Grand Louis l’Innocent ,won prize Fémina 1927; Du pays Canadien , chosen by the Académie Française (French Academy)! ; Enfance Marine, that traces her life in the Rhuys peninsula here. A lake in the Laurents (near Montreal) of Canada bears here name since 1934. She received the order of the Legion of Honor of France and knight and then Officer of the legion in 1953 . From 1957 she lived in Sarzeau or at the retirement home of the Legion of Honor in Saint Germain en Laye (Yvelines dept 78), where she passed away in 1964. Buried at the cemetary of Sarzeau in 1965 , her tomb is near the memorial to the Canadians soldiers perished in the Rhuys Peninsula during WWII.

Ïle de Tascon is connected to the mainland by the rade of Tascon which is located on the coast of the town of Saint Armel. This submersible road connects the island of Tascon to the mainland parts of the town. The passage is only possible at low tide, about five hours per tidal cycle, for automobiles and pedestrians. The passage road is approximately 400 meters long, and the pavement is rudimentary and is pierced by three large pipes to allow the upstream basin to empty sea side and vice versa.

st armel

st armel

st armel

At the junction of the main rade and the southern tip of the island, a second, more modest about 200 meters road  ,and sand-struck, is joined to the Enézy islet. Ïle de Tascon has the particularity of being one of the last cultivated islands of the Gulf. The farm of Tascon Island, 18C. The barn is dated 1784. The presence of the Alaneaux family is reported in the village of Tascon in 1427; today about 3 persons lived there in winter a bit more in summer.

st armel

The east cove of Tascon island is home to the second largest eelgrass herbarium in the Gulf of Morbihan, representing an area of approximately 130 hectares. The Tascon cove is numerically the second site of bird reception in the Gulf. Associated with Sarzeau Bay, these two sites accounts for an average of more than 40% of the winter population counted in the Gulf, for only 4% of its area.

st armel

st armel

On the other side of the Salt Marsh Road the seawater which enters through airlocks and stretches is particularly salty and leaves on the edges its snow. At low tide the sea is far, hardly if seen.

st armel

However, on the way back we were hungry lol! and again another gem found. We passed by the inner road of the expressway N165 to avoid the visitors traffic and saw this restaurant several times, never stopping by as it on the run of the course to do things here. This time as nothing found in secluded Tascon island, and not much to eat in St Armel city center (only two bars!) looking to come into Vannes, well we saw Theix’as Bar and finally stop in to a nice surprise. Fixed menu at 12,80€ all you can eat buffet entrée, main dish (mine was fish), dessert (mine créme brulée) , wash down with a nice cold Leffe blonde Belgian beer, nice price , good food, great friendly family service, will be back. Now webpage just an address: Le Theix’as Bar , Zone Artisanale Atlantheix , 56450 Theix-Noyalo. Tel +33 (0) 2 97 47 40 72.



This is lovely country and plenty of free parking and picnic tables too, camping cars are allowed on the parking. Some webpages to help you discover this spot are to follow!

City of St Armel on heritage

Tourist office of the Gulf of Morbihan on St Armel and Tascon island

Tourist office of Morbihan dept 56 on the salt marshes of Rhuys in French

Tourist office of Morbihan dept 56 on the Rhuys peninsula in English

TOurist office of Brittany on St Armel and salt marshes

There you go another gem in my world and so close to me, will definitively check it out again in low tide to cross to the island of Tascon! This is lovely Morbihan dept 56 is heavens ,no wonder more families come here! Enjoy it

And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all!!!

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