Church of St Mathieu at Quimper!

And why not staying in lovely Quimper to show another nice Church in a very nice quant neighborhood of Saint Mathieu. We always park nearby and walk into the city center here. I have written briefly before, but feel deserve a post of its own, worth the detour to see the Church of Saint Mathieu in Quimper, dept 29 of Finistére in my lovely region of Brittany.

I would tell you about the Church of Saint Mathieu , right in the quartier or neighborhood of same name. It is a historical Church as was the center of opposition by the Priests/bishops to the French revolution idea of swearing the Constitution when they were only to swear to God. The differences for most of them were settle in the Concordat of 1802 in France.



It is reason to believe that the first church erected in Quimper, under the word of Saint-Mathieu (apostle of Ethiopia martyred there and his body is now at the Church of Salerno, Italy), was at the time when, following a respectable tradition the new Churches were named after Saints.. The new Church, it was saved the portal and the steeple of 1844. The current steeple is 52 meters above the pavement of the street: it is 10 meters more than the old; And the total length of the church, outside, is 54 meters, 47,5 meters inside. Its interior width is 20 meters, and its height, under the ceilings is about 15 meters. The arms of the transept have, each, only 2 meters deep. The new Church Saint Mathieu as we see today was completed in December 13 ,1896.



The two new canopies of the apse and the old restored. The canopy of the left represents scenes of the life of our Lord before his passion, that of the middle, the passion, and that of the right, scenes of his life after his resurrection, together with the stained glass of Saint-Charles, stained glass of Sainte-Elisabeth , stained glass of Saint-Georges, stained glass of St. Martin.



The parish of Saint-Mathieu was abolished by the new French revolution Constitution, which brought together all the parishes of the Episcopal city under the Government of the bishop, administering with the help of Episcopal Vicars. The old bishop before the French revolution fought hard to keep it without constitutional constraints and wrote many articles again the revolution.  Eventually most of them fleed to England until 1796. Afterward,  Msgr François-Guillaume Coroller  returned to Quimper, and died rector of Saint-Mathieu in 1807.

More on it here in French a site on religious buildings in France  ,not much on it in the city or tourist office probably due to the meaning of counter revolution it has. The webpage on Religious heritage of France: Religious Heritage of France on the Church

Some webpages to help you plan your trip to Quimper, and it is a must to see are

Tourist office of Finistere dept 29 on Quimper

Tourist office of Brittany on Quimper

There you go another nice monument right at the beginning of a very old quant neighborhood of St Mathieu that takes you walking all the way to the Cathedral (see previous post). The area is full of nice shops and restos good for a detour as well.

Enjoy the Church of Saint Mathieu in lovely Quimper. Hope you enjoy it as we did

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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