Church of St. Thomas at Landerneau!

And why not sticking around the wonderful Finistére dept 29 of the region of Brittany. And take you to see the real Brittany and France, in the so called off the beaten path ways. Follow me in my blog to see it and do search for almost anything.

On the left bank on the Cornwall side, the Church of St. Thomas was also rebuilt in the 19C. Inside, the sand pits are a beautiful sight and distinguish by various motifs. Closer to the altar, an old wooden statue of the Virgin in an elongated position is interesting because of its original representation.


The Holy Bishop was almost immediately placed on the altars, and you have, in 1231, a church dedicated to the Holy Martyr, in Bénodet, a church that the Bishop of Quimper Rainaud gave, at that time, to the Abbey of Daoulas. It is, probably, this donation which was the occasion, for the Lords of Leon, founders of the Abbey and owners of Landerneau, to build, at the gate of this city, a church in honor of St. Thomas, which they also gave to the Abbey, and which became the Priory-curie of St. Thomas, from the first half of the 13C.  The primitive Church was rebuilt towards the end of the 16C, and the Tower founded on the Sunday of Trinity of 1607.


The origin of the parish of St. Thomas, whose name refers to Saint Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbéry, murdered in 1170, would be a Priory belonging to the Abbey of Daoulas and installed from 1218. The early St. Thomas Church of Canterbury dates from the 13C. It was rebuilt in the 16C and restored in 1849.  It was transformed  into a decadary Temple in 1798.

It has a large nave with aisles and a flat bedside. What strikes is its belltower-porch with 3 galleries and finished in a dome. It was erected between 1607 and 1630, the date of completion. Threatening to collapse, it had to be dropped and reassembled in 1849. The façade of the Bell Tower and the porch are decorated with stone statues of St Francis of Assisi, St Eloi and a Virgin at the Calvary above the entrance.


To see inside a cowl with gadroons of 1701, the altarpiece of the master altar carved in 1711 , and a rare wooden statue of the  Virgin mother lying of the 15C. The Church of St Thomas is located at the place St Thomas.


A webpage in French that tells more of it is here: The SPREV org on the Church of St Thomas in Landerneau

Some webpages to help you understand this monuments and the city of Landerneau are

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Finistere tourism dept 29 on Landerneau heritage

Tourist office of Brittany on Landerneau heritage

Enjoy it fully, wonderful town indeed and one of dept collegues is native, glad I visit her native town in wonderful Finistére in Brittany and in my belle France. This is part of the history of Landerneau.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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