Church of Saint-Houardon ,Landerneau!

And why not sticking around the wonderful Finistére dept 29 of the region of Brittany. And take you to see the real Brittany and France, in the so called off the beaten path ways. Follow me in my blog to see it and do search for almost anything.

The Church of Saint-Houardon located in Landerneau,  Saint Houardon was the seat of the parish of Saint-Houardon in Landerneau until 2017, the date on which the deanery which stretches from Saint-Thonan to Rosnoën and from Logonna-Daoulas to Loc-Eguiner, twenty-two active steeples, not to mention Beuzit-Conogan, is erected in a single parish. A first Saint Houardon Church stood on the shore of the Élorn river . It was rebuilt in the 16C. In 1604, it is enlarged from a southern porch. In 1858, the Church was dismantled and reassembled in the city center, where it is seen today. The operation was financed by emperor Napoleon III.



On either side of the Elorn river, a church was built. This river was indeed the natural boundary between the two former counties, Léon and Cornouaille, which had their own diocese. Right bank side Leon, the Church of St. Houardon was completely moved in the 19C. Closer to the river initially, it could no longer accommodate all the parishioners. Reconstruction and expansion work lasted 3 years, from 1848 to 1861. The porch was raised in finely worked kersantite stone and its slender Bell Tower accompanied by a turret staircase.


The façade is divided into three floors: on the ground floor, a large arch, open between two corintian columns fluted, above an entablature in the antique, carrying a floor in the shape of attic adorned with three beautiful niches with shells and ten balusters and cushioned by a triangular pediment; on the second floor a sort of attic lower than the previous one and supporting a spoil whose concave curved crawlies are lined by a gusseted railing. Finally, crowning the whole, rises to the top a lantern with domes and balusters. At the corners of the Church of Saint Houardon , two thick buttresses, placed obliquely and subdivided into four floors by strong moldings offer an abundant adornment of niches, small arcades, modillions, pilasters and skylights



Some webpages to help you enjoy and understand this area as well as planning are

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Enjoy it fully, wonderful town indeed and one of dept collegues is native, glad I visit her native town in wonderful Finistére in Brittany and in my belle France. This is part of the history of Landerneau.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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