Quiberon is a dream!

Ok so yesterday Saturday is our busiest day of the week and we are always on the lookout for relaxing trips not far from our home. Well we are lucky to be not far from a world wonder still unnoticed as it is the Gulf of Morbihan and the Peninsula of Quiberon. This is a long strip of land technically a peninsula and at the tip of it is wonderful beautiful Quiberon, which is a dream location for spending a day or weekend or even retiring lol!

Of course, I have written several posts on it but not enough even thus we past by here much often, do not want to overkill the area with photos. The wild coast (côte sauvage) that you will see in another post is something out of a Disney movie and the town itselt is laid back wonderland even in winter or spring as now we are beginning to see tourists there even from afar as Chile!!

We of course went in and were able to find easy parking as usual near the fisherman’s cooperative along the ocean and walking distance to city center and go have lunch. Here you have a wonderful ferry passenger terminal for trips into the outlyng islands even in the Atlantic ocean!



The fish boat harbor as well as the pleasure marina are very nice areas loaded with quant seafood and breton food restaurants facing the sea. A wonderful feeling indeed. For a boy who grew up in a shrimp fisherman harbor and been around the world ,this is nostalgia at its best and it is feld nicely.


Coming along the wild coast, the best road in for us the first thing you see is the Château Turpault, in private hands and not visited, but the sight coming in to Quiberon is magical indeed. You are now in Quiberon city.


We proceed to our lunch which had done previous reservation while en route here! The old favorite revised it again La Cabana.(sadly closed 2020) It is under new management and the service been good is now even better. The food still good and the prices nice for been in tourist central in Quiberon just before the Grande Plage or big beach. Do not be guided by not enough reviews or old this is a nice place with friendly people. We will come back again. For starter we had the Farenheit pizza and Copieuse galette /Boucher beef galette all wash down with a new twist of modernity for us a Touraine Sauvignon Blanc wine 2017 very chill and very nice at 18€ the bottle. We finish with desserts from banana splits to choco and coconut crêpes and express coffee ; all for 26€ per person.




We did a bit of walking as usual by the Grande Plage and the Place Hoche square on a rainy cloudy day that had some courageous folks on and nearby already. Usually the tourist season here starts July 14 National Day (old Bastille day).




On the way back , we got our goodies of the region at our favorite store La Trinitaine but this time went to a brand new store in Carnac city limits village of Kergroix  on our way back to Auray on the road D768 . Here we got our fish soups, rose cider and peach liquors to ease on down the weekend. The webpage for the store is here: La Trinitaine at Kergroix


And of course, the errands buying dog food at Maxi Zoo in Séné, soccer gloves for my boy at InterSports, bank paperwork at Auray, and finally grocery shopping the papers trails at E Leclerc in Vannes before heading finally home to find out my dear Real Madrid CF won on two goals from Frenchmen Karim Benzema!

Now relaxing at home with our latest TV shows and my boys and my dog Rex by our side with my Dad watching his usual Spanish TV programs in his bedroom lol! Another weekend is already half way over so sad lol!! Sunday is yet to see as usual relaxing time in France.


Just to dream on about Quiberon and already thinking of our next trip there! Quiberon, Morbihan, Brittany, France an awesome combination.

Enjoy the tour and remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

4 Comments to “Quiberon is a dream!”

  1. Looks like my sort of place.
    I have a request. I enjoy your posts but am not always sure where you are. Any chance of adding a map location to each on?


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