Again, the Côte Sauvage of Quiberon!

And again the wild coast or Côte Sauvage of the peninsula of Quiberon, just south of me in lovely Morbihan dept 56 of the region of Brittany. I have written on Quiberon a lot as it is our favorite area in our neck of the woods. The wild coast is awesome and highly recommended, you need a car but worth it.

As full posts and several mention in other general post on the Quiberon peninsula. Again, you must experience, the hairspinning experience with huge cliffs next to you and the vast Atlantic ocean keeping you company as you drive forward.

Plenty of view points along the way, and rest stops lookout points,and even restaurants with great seafood. All starts in Portivy port blanc of fisherman and continues until entering the city of Quiberon by the Chateau Turpault!

This is a bit more on the bay of quiberon local tourist site in French of course, but you have more pictures: Bay of Quiberon and its isles tourist site on the wild coast

Now you have plenty to believe me you should come to it, I just will give some more food for thought on some additional photos I took yesterday. Of course, great walkers and bike possibilities too if you dare, careful of the cross winds. The official name for the road is the D186 A.

There you have folks, beautiful Côte Sauvage or Wild Coast of the Presqu’île de Quiberon or Peninsula of Quiberon. And of course, again, this is in Morbihan dept 56 and the name of the department is the only one not French! Breton language quick lesson no 1:: Mor=Sea, Bihan=Small so in French would be Petite Mer or in English Small Sea. Breton: Morbihan! And I say Kenavo!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

3 Comments to “Again, the Côte Sauvage of Quiberon!”

  1. Côte Sauvage indeed! It was blowing a gale of 100 kph when we visited 5 years ago and the foam from the sea looked like snow! I hope next time we go it will be a bit calmer!

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    • ah yes for us from the hills is awesome. camping cars can be dangerous there. Although by pointe pichon there are parkings a bit secluded towards the town of St Pierre de Quiberon. cheers

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  2. Yes, we had to move away from the cliff for more secluded parking.

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