Suresnes and Bois de Boulogne!!!

I had my thrill of getting my father at CDG coming back from visit to his sister in Fla USA. Now i am narrowing it down the last détails for my trip on summer vacation…shhhh! And the house garden is coming along with some decorations ::) This is a re post from June 2014 you need to see more!

But my trip was of course my car, the best way to travel anywhere! We took off on the N12 ,A12, A13, D7 all the way to our hotel in Suresnes ,just for a one night rest before getting to CDG at T2E for the AF flight direct non stop.  And we chose the Campanile Pont de Suresnes as it was the city where I once worked!.


mount valerien train station direct from Paris Saint Lazare

The hotel was small rooms as usual, minimum bare amenities so only good for the one night, the breakfast at 9,50€ was too much for the continental breakfast buffet offered; the parking was one of the narrowest I have taken here and have a few::: the only good thing was the location right by the pont de Suresnes over the Bois de Boulogne and Porte Maillot Paris ;more here:


Always passed by it never entered and finally on the visit use it, not that great. We did went up to Mont Valérien with a view of Paris and the American Cementary at Suresnes, from the French side a mémorial to those executed there by the Nazis. More here:

And from the American side a cementary to the Fallen from WWI and WWII,  more here:


We walked around the town for me nice memories of a good company and friends that still in touch, one must move on for better without forgetting the old good moments, and Suresnes was a very good moment.  The wonderful hotel de ville architecturally stunning, the levies on the Seine, the pont de Suresnes, and our lunch once again at my old lunch place Lotus d’Or restaurant , here   same wonderful folks and great oriental food.



I went by old places of lunch like the Donatello Italian resto, at the place i write in French, as they have no webpage  use Yelp:

Stop by Le Rives,


The L’Entrepôt St Claude brasserie,


And they change Le Berry now there is a Gastronomie Plancha  webpage here:


And I stop by my favorite Irish pub in town LE PUB,


The Charlie Birdie on the quais looking at the Seine and Bois de Boulogne, has closed (as those in Paris), and my favorite bakery in town for those sweets and the fast formule Au Pain de Suresnes,


And the bar le Lafayette ,where many apéros were taken after work!,more here:


And of course great public transports to leave my car in the basement garage at work and just go over quick to Paris by metro, bus or tramway…. for more enjoyment!  And of course from Suresnes why not drive into the Bois de Boulogne and see the Grand Cascade, the Hippodrome Longchamps, the Moulin, the wonderful Fondation Louis Vuitton, the wonderful Auberge du bonheur, and the wonderful again jardin d’Acclimatation that my kids remember when younger taken the petit train still there!!! and the ladies still doing their hustle at 7PM (19H) lol!!!

This is it, another time in tinsel town ,city of lights and the memorable return to my place of Suresnes, oh yes the McDonalds at place Henri IV oohh you are going to kill me but just for the memories sakes of course big mac anyone ?

The City of Suresnes on heritage ,what to see is here: City of Suresnes on heritage

Hope you catch on this time, this is a very nice area of Suresnes,  in the off the beaten path for visitors. And remember, happy travels, good health and many cheers to all!!!

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