The Fête des Marins at Honfleur !!!

I come here often and sometimes no photos nor stories just drive by ,its personal for me. My mother Rosa Gladys lies in the ocean buried at sea, and now my dear late wife Martine too. The special that attract them and us here was the  Fête des Marins ,and we have come several times I believe this was our first Navy/marines Festival or Fête des Marins, it was their 152nd edition back in May 2013. This is a re post for the memories.

For the newbies, the tourist office offers an inmense amount of information and the latest news on Honfleur (I am on email alerts). The second most visited place in Normandy after Mont Saint Michel. We admire the architecture, the history of seamen and discoveries such as Samuel Champlain who discoverd Quebec in Canada. The seafood and cider, and calvados all around you, the friendly folks always willing to chat with you and even offer you a treat in a store; this is my Honfleur. I am glad I can again share it with my readers and family. Their tourist office webpage :

From its wonderful breads and sweets at Aux Blé d’Or bakery at 41 rue du Dauphin, wonderful all made in house by the best in town; always a stop.


We arrive early so rather than the pale hotel breakfast we headed for the Cafe de Paris on 2 quai des passengers , and had the first encounter with the fisherman and tells of their stories as far as New Zealand. no web just the tel +33 02 31 89 33 44 just around the corner from the boat ramps on your way to the jardin public and the statues of personages of the city.


We walked around visiting many places of old such as the Church St Leonard, and the lavoirs or laundry baths, or the great Church of Sainte Catherine with its Mass on the fisherman and their marine brothers. We walk and walk all over after having park our car in the nice parking de la mole for four euros per day!  We re-visited the Lieutenant ,the old house by the bassin vieux port.


Entering Mass service for the Fête des Marins at Church Sainte Catherine


early before service on Church Sainte Catherine Fête des Marins Mass

We took a boat ride into the majestic pont de normandie , on the Jolie France ,great folks keeping you at bay of the time by sms telephone messaging, wonderful service. We took the ride into the water we enjoy so much as a family for many years and remember coming here with my dear Mom.


We had our lunch around the same area as breakfast by the quai des passengers almost across from the jardin public, the Bistrot à Crêpes; again no webpage just the tel +33 02 31 89 74 96. Very nicely serve with great steaks, burgers,and salads, good coffees, great ice cream italian homemade, and the beer heineken.


However, the main interest to come here over the weekend of Pentecôte is the Fête des Marins! From the city of Honfleur site you see the next one the 158th edition here:

It all begins on Saturday 18 May, (next one is in June 8th 2019) with sailing and races on the vieux Bassin, expositions of model boats at the petit Grenier à Sel,photos on this year the 100th coronation ceremony at the Church Notre Dame de Grâce in the côte de grâce hill. Sunday 19 May you have the big Mass at the Church of Sainte Catherine at 10h and later the depart of the parade of Amis Honfleurais to the monument of the fallen at sea where a large ceremony is held. From 14h45 the big blues concert by JJ Blues by the carrousel/Lieutenant area in the vieux bassin. AT 17h the boarding of the Officials for the benediction at sea, and at 21h choral concert Scamlevilla at the Church of Saint Leonard .  Monday 20 May, you come to the assembly in front of the hôtel de ville.By 9h a parade on the streets of Honfleur by more than 100 musicians, boat models,, children, officials, city,regional representatives and the people. You see the laying of a wreath on the monument to the French memory or monument du souvenir français and on the monument to the fallen or monument aux Morts, the church officials will join us in front of the Church of Saint Catherine.  At 10h the banner of Pierre Berthelot is given to a chosen mariners/fisherman and sign the book of gold in the chapel of the church Notre Dame de Grâce. By 10h30 Mass in plein air with the benediction of the marines and boats and service for the dead. 12h30 we returned to the Hôtel de Ville with chanting of the La Marseillaise national anthem,and by 13h the diplomas given to the winning of the military preparation for the Normandie region.




There you go folks, another wonderful trip to our dear Honfleur, and the nice traditional Fête des Marins. We will be back, we always will be back, we never left. Hope you enjoy the post on Honfleur as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. Love that coastline, there are so many pretty towns Honfleur, Deauville, Le Touquet. We often popped over for a long weekend when we lived in London. Now, it’s too far!

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