Pau, Aquitaine, wonderful region!

This was my headquarters destination for the first traject of our vacations, Pau is an interesting town. We had passed by it many times, even stay in quick night hôtels on the town, but never really wandered about it, and we decided that after so many choices we have here to pick one that we have not seen fully; so therefore, this is it PAU. We came avoiding tolls on the N165 to Nantes then the N149, and then the D824,D834,D932, etc to the N10,A63 free ride to the D834 again entering Pau on the rocade at the D817. This is a re post of August 2014 but worth the detour and repeat.

The tourist office is here,  Tourist office of Pau  , and the city page is here  City of Pau on heritage


We came by car as always, and we rented inexpensive hôtels in the outskirts so enjoy the sights and smells of the basque without paying for excessive hôtels and tolls, which with a family can leave quite a bit of centimes for better things. Our favorite chain is ACCOR and for this trip we chose the Ibis Budget Pau Est ,wonderful service by manager Véronique and great stay easy on and off from the highways and straight down the city center of Pau.  More here: Ibis hotel Pau Est

We had to tell you about the castle museum of Pau; (see post apart) here is their homepage  This is a wonderful property still Under renovation but the public is still invited in with guided tours, as well as individuals. The gardens are great wonderful views over the Pyrénées mountains and well maintained.

We took a quick peek at the museum of Bernadotte, the birthplace of this   Jean-Baptiste Jules Bernadotte chosen by Napoleon I to secure the continuation of the royal house of Sweden in 1818 he finally became the king of Sweden, today the current king Gustav is a descendant Bernadotte.

We visited the boulevard des pyrénées famous look over the mountains and took the funiculaire or cable car up and down;and it is free!!!  more here: Tourist office of Pau on the Funicular


We went to several wonderful churches such as Saint Martin, Saint Jacques, and the religious Library now of the Church of Reparatrice. We took a walk by the museum of deportation and liberation that was closed but in the beautiful park of Villa Lawrence. Many more about them and ideas here too numerours to mention,  the museums and parks are here: Tourist office of Pau on cultural heritage


We did our shopping in the Auchan cc near us, wonderful place with all you need including micromania hehehe and Flunch restos,nice refreshing site to relax after a long day of sightseeing.  CC Auchan at Pau


Of course we ate out, and the best there was pizzeria l’Etna at rue Sully, very nice folks and great food at reasonable prices. Even thus some of the rating is average 3 out of 5 we found it above average for the price, quality, excellent service, and quick; leave you with my site in English The Fork : The Fork on the Etna of Pau


We did lots of eating in house, buying at the Auchan cc or the covered market Halles in Pau is excellent fresh produce great quality and good prices for take home from veggies to wines; every day except sundays and at place de la République,  now totally renovated! more here: Halles or covered market of Pau

We did our shopping of goodies here mostly the kids bought stuff like foot locker,fnac, micromania, lacoste and hugo boss, we settle for the food, chocolates !!! the L’Atelier du Chocolat at Maréchal Joffre is excellent, we got the touron basque or the basque nougat,  more here: Atelier du Chocolat at Pau


Also, at the palais des pyrénées shopping center where FNAC ,Micromania are located off place Clemenceau you find the Chocolaterie de la Couronne, here we went for the suedoise or swedish and the pallet des pyrénées, delicious, try it;  more here:  Chocolaterie de la Couronne



We did took a peek at the Galeries Lafayette store at place Clemenceau, and had our cold beers at the Café de l’Europe just there too at rue Maréchal Foch  with nice fast friendly service. We , also, stop first one at La Brasserie Royale at place Royale for cold beers and drinks.




The above was done in and out as we got our wheels and travel all over the region and even into Spain on one day trips from our base in Pau. Great family trip, and good driving all the way with little or no traffic. Over 2450 kms of travels by the road warrior once again. Cheers and stay tune for more.

And remember, happy travels good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. It looks like another place for a relaxing visit in our favourite region of France. Thanks for sharing. 👍

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