Pluneret, Le Bono. Land and sea Morbihan!!!

A typical Sunday here is to get on the car and ride the beautiful spots around the Morbihan. The do not stop showing me wonderful places to see ,and come back for more. The choices are endless and already a very popular destination for the French and some Europeans. I like to get a mix bag here a bit of inland where I go by almost every day and a bit coastal just south of me.

We went on to nearby Pluneret, a nice town, typical of the region, with a beautiful Church of Saint Pierre and Saint Paul, 19C on the spot replacing an older church from the 11C. It is right in the center of town, a great stop for lunch overlooking the grand church is forthcoming, no tourism just the city of Pluneret on its history here:


The closest tourist office is in Auray,more in French:

We finish our balade par voiture, in the wonderful harbor town of Le Bono, very near me, and just wonderful. I have heard of it by collegues but this was the first time here, so close, so beautiful and just saw it today lol! The modern bridge Joseph le Brix(an aviator born in nearby Baden) has 320 meters long done to connect the towns in a circle of Auray to Vannes   However, the beauty is beneath it!!!! Just a lovely ria or inland bay river of du Bono, with green phospherus waters and lovely sailboats. It takes you out into the Gulf of Morbihan. You come into the Port area, lovely quaint, fisherman paradise, more lovely sailboats,and a nice city center bar Le Petit Mousse to have a light lunch while gulping some Grimbergens  beers!




Here you get to see boating par excellence including the beautiful black boat taken out on special occassions and historical,call the Forban du Bono “Notre Dame de Béquerel”, a replica of a chaloupe type boat from 1910 ,and rebuilt to identical in 1991.  The boat has an association for its preservation and can contact them events:


There is an older bridge from 1835 that was approved for construction by king Louis Philippe in 1837, to cover the ria du Bono, its stil there for pedestrian use.  For those who enjoy long walks there is a circuit of 7,4 kms in French but if interested google or other similar can translate totally.  It has a map and the trip begins from the harbor or Port area,  More info in French City of Le Bono on coastal walks



For those looking to come in with their boat or go boating info on the harbor is here in French :

finally, these areas are best by car get off expressway (voie express) N165 ,exit/sortie  D-101 ,follow panels for Le Bono. In all a wonderful place to visit, and I am sure we will be back to Le Bono and Pluneret.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

3 Comments to “Pluneret, Le Bono. Land and sea Morbihan!!!”

  1. It seems you had a great time driving and exploring around. The scenery looks beautiful, it is what I like, blue water:)

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  2. Very pretty. Nice place to spend a Sunday or any day off. 👍

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