Arradon by the coast of Morbihan!

Well this is another re blog post from 2013, as it is a nice town near the coast of the Morbihan breton and friends lives there so. I took a ride this time visit the little town of Arradon, near Vannes in the Morbihan breton.

It is near me about 20 minutes by car; you take the expressway free N165 and get off at exit sortie 28 road D779 and follow signs this is if coming from Nantes, if comes from Brest or me, you will get off at the D101 and have a much better scenery, you can continue coming from Nantes and get off at D101 Le Bono/Baden.  There is no train station,and the bus no 4 takes you here from Vannes takes about 21 minutes from the gare de Vannes to the mairie d’Arradon. The bus network covering Vannes also reach there  the schedule is here in pdf: Bus line 4 Vannes to Arradon

They do have nice beaches , such as plage de Kerbilhouet, plage de Penboch, and plage de la Carrière (best). It has a nice marina harbor  , the Pointe d’Arradon is a small peninsula of 700 meters long by 200 meters wide at its widest point and it serves as a boarding terminal for passenger boats visiting  for the nearby island of l‘Ile-aux-Moines (Monks island but there are no monks now), and great seafood!!


There is a beautiful Church of St Pierre at the city center, a Chapelle du bourg ,and we had lunch at another find!!!

The Church of Saint Pierre at city center is at 2 rue Louis Quilleré, webpage from city hall is

It is of gothic style begun in 1885 and finished in 1888.  It has inside a painting representing the holy cross or “Sacré-Coeur de Jésus entouré d’angelots”  from the 18C in the south transept, another the deploration of Christ dead or  “La Déploration du Christ mort”,dating from  1847  and located in the ambulatory, yet another the virgin taking care of her sons in crucifixion or “la Vierge tendant son fils aux enfants et une Crucifixion”, located in the baptismal room. The church, also, houses a statue in wood from the 17C of Saint Vincent Ferrier (that visited Arradon in 1419 while evangelizing the area coming from Valencia Spain, his body lies in the Cathedral Saint Pierre at Vannes) , also the statues of Saint Pierre and Saint Roch. The clock in the south nave dates from 1895.



Chapelle du Bourg, at pl de l’église in city center, now exhibits contemporary art, sculptures, artists arts, concerts, photo expos, themes and history in an educational manner. It is the previous Church of St Pierre from the 15C, and until the 17C it carries weddings and baptismal ceremonies there . It became what it is today from 1889; however, it is still a sacred building!!! More in webpage above for the Church.


We had our lunch at the Créperie Les Logoden, (breton for laughs)  20, rue Albert Danet 56610 Arradon, tel +33  02 97 46 79 03. Where the food was great with galette arradonaise with local breton sausages, cafe gourmand with expresso coffee and small pots of creme brulée,far breton, and apple crêpes, a 50cl house red wine(2/3 bottle), and similar faires for the gang all for 18,40€ per person!!! the service was a bit slow but this is a small town, once we got going the lady started talking more lol! To emphasize the food was fantastic, the welcome a bit cold.



Enjoy the trip its another gem off the beaten path ,Arradon of my Morbihan Breton and you are all degemer mat or Welbome!!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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