Gulf of Morbihan: Larmor Baden, and Port Blanc!

Another day of going into the wonderful Golfe du Morbihan or Gulf of ( Morbihan is Breton meaning small sea, French would be petite mer). Having my Dad in tow its an big effort but we manage to do it.  This is the area just to the west of Vannes, the area main city and seat of government in the  department 56, region of Brittany. This is a re blog with updated info.

We started our morning going to Larmor-Baden , a nice harbor city with passenger boat service to the outer islands, and market day today, Sunday. Many picturesques hilly streets and beautfiful home before reaching the harbor or port area. Many homes for rent vacation properties in this area, very nice, and the port area with nice restos overlooking the harbor. Boats do go out to the outer islands very frequently in summer.

larmor baden

larmor baden

We then move on to Port Blanc, where direct boat trips to the gulf is done, very frequently in summer. The main island just in front is the Iles aux moines, an island first inhabited by monks. Now a very nice vacation hotspot with beautiful beaches. The area has a boardwalk with bakeries, restos and ticket offices for boat passenger rides. A great parking is nearby just before reaching the port area, and its free.


port blanc

You reach all these places off the expressway N165 then exit for Larmor Baden,  on the 316, then the 316A  department roads;signs are well posted to go to larmor on the D316 etc. You have Vannes bus system KICEO .  on line 23 available , the best way here is the car, definitively a must to really enjoy the area.

The choices are endless,and families especially are welcome. The surfing, jet ski, canoeing, kayak crowds are also very welcome as these are prime location for its practice.

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are

City of Larmor Baden on things to see

tourist site Gulf of Morbihan on Larmor Baden

Tourist office of the Morbihan on Port Blanc

Tourist office of the Morbihan introduction

Enjoy the coastal beaches and wonders of the Morbihan. And remember, happy travels , good health,and many cheers to all!!!

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