Vannes ,again, its a must to see!

So this is beginning to look a lot like Spring or even summer temps today at 18C or about 64F and sunny, very nice. It must have a walk a short trip somewhere from our town, so what would it be? well there are so many difficult to pick one, even thus we have some in my grinder for later longer trip, the decision was to go to our capital city of Vannes, in the Morbihan breton of our beautiful Brittany.

There was the usual errand as well as my boys wanted some japanese BD/mangas thing at Japanim the specialist store in old town Vannes. And of course ,on the way back the groceries at our usual E Leclerc but there were other goodies as well. As you can tell we are busy lol!

Back to Friday night I had a lunch with collegues at a restaurant never been even thus been to the one next door! The experience was very nice and should go back with the family. However, waiting for my collegues to arrive i had my first apéro or before meal drink or after work or happy hours whatever at a friendly bar near the city town hall of Vannes. This turn out to be rather nice as there were visiting Americans on job assignments here so you guess it the conversation turn into current events and sports for a while. The place is nice for this sort of thing a drink snacks and then continue the night; oh yes the place is Café Arthur at Place Maurice Marchais facing the city hall. It is only open since November 2018 but the new owner was very pleasant and I did had my German beer Warsteiner ,not bad.


From there I join my collègues at the Le Sous-Sol restaurant on the other side of the square next to the city hall. The restaurant is very innovative in food and name layout as le sous-sol means basement and it is there. We opted for the main table at street level. There were very nouvelle cuisine dishes with codfish, shrimps, and desserts I never had and probably won’t opt for them in the future but for the curious culinary mind it should work. The service was very friendly and even the waiter spoked English! More about it here:Restaurant Le Sous-Sol Vannes

Morbihan tourist office in French: Tourist office of Morbihann dept 56 on Le Sous-Sol



Now forward to today Saturday. The area is very nice and I usually parked by the Place de la Liberation where there is the bus terminal amongt the ones stopping there is our town bus line 5 coming and going to Vannes that my boys take often for their things.. My new Ford car is there, ready for 2019, as well as my boys behind.


We walk in the area and cannot passed by our wonderful capital city or town hall building with the impressive horse statue of duke of Brittany John IV (Jean) and the wonderful college Jules Simon (middle school) and its wonderful Chapel St Yves. Under renovation in 2021.

We then continue today down to the Le Port or harbor marina with its wonderful canal of sailing boats that goes all the way out into the Gulf of Morbihan and its 12 islands! and then out into the Atlantic ocean!


We went a bit into the market that still was going on usually until about 13h30 or 1:30 pm. and goes all the way around from place Lucien Laroche to place du poid public to place des lices along the old ramparts of Vannes! and see backside its magnificent Constable tower or Tour du Connetable.  And of course we ate, who wouldn’t in this magical place by the harbor marina Le Port is very nice and many places we had eaten here over the last 8 years. We came back to one not been in a while, the L’Atlantique plenty of good sea and land combination and mad crowd to get in, we were lucky without reservation because arrive at exactly 12h midday ;many others were turn away without reservations!



Here we had as entrée oysters of course!! a half dozen , and then the main dish was for me the hashis parmontier au canard or sort of a potato purée over a bed of duck meat, and for dessert the dome aux chocolat with crunchy bottom, ice cream and a cupola or dome of dark chocolate! all wash down with a nice red 2016 from our neighbors in the Loire, Domaine Octavie Les Vieux Moines all pinot noir! nice.

Finally, it was a big day in town for a very special person at the Cathedral of St Peter but that is another post. For now enjoy Vannes always exciting to see in my Morbihan breton.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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