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March 23, 2019

My travels in the Morbihan, LXXIII

So here I am back to my popular series, this one on My travels in the Morbihan, now in its 73rd edition! Thank you dear readers, friends, and family for your support to my passtime.

We go out during the week for the routine and then on weekends we try to go out again and then some. It has been hard since losing my dear wife Martine but I am coming alone fine with closer trips and planning some long ones starting next  May. For now our local routine.

We had a good morning sleep today Saturday and after a nice home breakfast still mix American and French we went out to our lovely Morbihan breton dept 56.

We needed some linen so set out for our favorite popular Conforama and got my sons some sheets, well they pay by now so its easy lol! Conforama of Vannes that is. Already popularly feature in my previous posts.

We went on to visit our sub prefecture of Lorient which even if only about 30 km from me was a while not visited. It shows we cannot think we know towns because just a few months away and the city has change. Less parking available and now with a Saint Louis brocante flea market going on the city was packed. We did manage to fine underground parking at Place d’Armes for only 1,60€ for the day!

After that we came to that moment of eating and we came searching for what it was announce will be soon in Vannes, this is the other burger joint as France is inundated with them for good reason .Good inexpensive beef menu for families. I know many think this cannot be in France but it is just another country in the sea of fast food chains all over the world. As I travel for business to many remote parts of our world there is always that other name present lol!

We came and found Roadside Burgers at 28 rue Auguste Nayel very near the Place Aristide Briand, central for all that is good in Lorient. The side order of the so call crazy fries was good and portion was big, a mix of French fries with half cheddar cheese melted and other caramelized onions. I did get my love from Pepsi ,the Mountain Dew soda difficult to find in France (previously in Rennes or Paris) this is great but was typically French not cold enough but just fresh “frais” and we never get used to this.  I ordered the Strawberry milkshake and it was good but the size was a bit smallish. All this the bill came to 14.70€ per person. Again a bit more expensive than our favorite Burger King.



As they are other burger chains opening up around here I believe they will have a tough time to survive ,but then again fast food is so popular, the formal original dining will be left for the rich and famous!

As we had time, we wondered around the city center and re visit our favorite wine chain store Nicolas at 1 Rue de la Patrie in city center where we had purchase before and do so all over France with no problems ever.  Of course, as far as wine store experience is concerned.


We went into the Centre Commercial Nayel as it brought memories but it is just a mall shopping center type, good parking underneath thus. Plenty of stores and restos inside too.


We, also, visit our favorite techno entertainement store FNAC right at the square or place Aristide Briand and it was super big and full of specials,I even got me an external portable hard drive from Maxtor! I needed it too many photos lol!!!


On the way out of Lorient, we needed groceries so rather than go back to Vannes, we did it on the run at Lanester, next to Lorient where there was a nice E Leclerc hypermarket we like the chain; so groceries were done here.


Finally, it was time to get back home to be ready for the match, yes we are going to see live on French TV the qualifier for my Spain vs Norway, European Championship game! Of course, our France already won easily yesterday 1X4 vs Moldavia!

So, now we are home and ready for the game with good cold beers of Brittany, namely the Mutine lol! sort like mutiny!

Therefore ,need to go, enjoy your weekend wherever you are. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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