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March 21, 2019

My ramblings in Europe, this time Carpi Italia!!

Well it was time again to take a trip,and the work is nice, this time I was at Carpi, near Modena and Bologna. This is a re post from 2012.

This is a nice town, home of women fashion, this is where they cut the fabrics that is put together elsewhere, plenty of models in my hotels oh boy were they beautiful. I was offered nice Adidas t shirts with my boys name on them!

My trip began at Nantes airport, where I took AF handle by regional service to Lyon St Exupery airport. Both nice comfortable level airports, and easy to navigate. I even will come back later with Lyon. The airports can be seen here ,first Nantes , then Lyon both in English versions. From Lyon took AF again to Bologna airport ,another nice size airport easy to navigate, the site is here

Of course the car is king took mine to get to Nantes and at Bologna was waited by a nice service call Auto Blu Noleggi, tel +39 339 3846496 email with great service by my driver Giacomo Franchetto, you wont go wrong using him all over Italy, he is GPS ready.


At my arrival at Carpi I took up residence at My Hotel Carpi, a great place ,prices, very good breakfast buffet, nice size rooms,and just before entering the town and close by the autoestrada autoway, the webpage is at


While there I took rides alll over town, but he fog was horrible, at Lyon,Bologna and Carpi plus very cold, so did the best thing to do in Italy, EAT!

I had my lunch at Trattoria Cacciatori at  Via griduzza, 1 – san marino 41012 – Carpi (MO)  tel:+39  059.681962, a great mix plate of pork,sausages,steak veal, and vegetables potatoes all down with a Lambrusco red wine.


For dinner we went to Pizzeria Moglieni, that to the best of me dont remember the name spelling correctly but it was in going to city center Carpi, we had a red peppers pizza that was sublime, plus more wine this time white.

Finally, on my last day we had lunch at a wonderful family restaurant that I highly recommend ,Il Carducci, Viale G Carducci, 16, 41012 Carpi tel +39 059 62 295 18, here we had a special pasta of the region with two broth chicken and beef and tortellini pasta, then a great rabbit done by grandma that was sublime, with red Menulpuziano d’Abruzzo red wine call Bacaro, the webpage is at

The trip back was done late by 30 minutes due to bad weather at Bologna and Lyon,again I arrive home by 11pm or 23h. At least the food was great,and the company very sympa and friendly.

Until next time in Italy ! And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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