Amboise at Christmas!

Here I am to take you into the fairy tell land of the Loire and its castles. There are so many ,even living close to them will take me a life time to see them all. I am trying ok. However, after seeing several of them over the years, one become to make choices and pick favorites that received repeat visits. First , I go into the castle let me tell you that Amboise is in the so call Valley of the kings castles in or around the Loire river. However, there are two regions in France that converges on it. Amboise is in department Indre-et-Loire no. 37 ;then it is in the Centre-Val de Loire region and not in the Pays de la Loire region that ,also has many castles along the Loire.

Clear that out of the way, let me tell you about Amboise at Christmas time. We come with the family here often as it is also where we buy our house wines of Touraine-Amboise appellation. A bit early for planning!

This is a family affairs that begins at the castle and overflows into the city center of Amboise along the Loire river; needless to say you should come here at Christmas time. It is magical. More so this year as it is the 500 anniversary of Leonardo Da Vinci at the Château du Clos Lucé; more on this festivities here Official Viva Da Vinci 2019 festivities 500 anniversary

Every year, the Château of Amboise proposes to you to live Christmas over the centuries and to discover how the holidays have evolved over the years, from the origins to the Renaissance and until today.  Come and visit the castle which, for the occasion, gets to offer you scenes richly decorated in its rooms. You will find everything that makes you dream small and big when approaching Christmas: Decorated fir trees, logs and confectionery, cribs, fairy sets… All within the framework of a true Royal castle!  You follow the guiding thread: the Angels. Discover them in different forms, in the decorations of the castle or the paintings hanging on the walls, during your angelic visit of the Royal Castle of Amboise.  From December to January, you can also enjoy concerts, musical tales, creative workshops, a Roisou pastry cake tasting and a magnificent Renaissance ball!



And at the city center ,Christmas in Amboise, it is the occasion for all the dreamers, to fall back to childhood and to rediscover the wonder that invades everyone in the approach of the holidays. The historic heart of the city is illuminated every evening by hundreds of glittering garlands, from the place Michel Debré to the place Saint-Denis via the Tour de l’Horloge. A forest of fir trees sublimated by a light all red and green welcomes you in the old town. At nightfall, the banks of the Loire river are the privileged witnesses of the marvellous illumination of the Royal Castle of Amboise.


Fleurs-de-lis and cherubs come to life in a whirlwind of lights and colors for the greatest wonder of the entire family. In the Council room, near the roaring wood fire, a gigantic nativity scene presents, with the traditional characters of Advent, a village stage full of colorful goodness! Close your eyes, alert your ear… You would almost hear the fisherman’s banter negotiating his most beautiful catches with the fishermen, under the eager look of the neighborhood cats. In the salon Louis-Philippe, the fir tree is ready, the socks are hanging from the chimney, and some packages and gifts already adorn the foot of the dream tree.


At the Château du Clos Lucé, Leonardo da Vinci welcomes its guests in a decor magnified by sumptuous plant creations. The grand staircase takes on the airs of a pristine forest, and brings you into the living room with a beautiful red fir tree. At its foot are already laid a few packages, promises of joys to come, under the benevolent protection of the mechanical lion of the master of the castle (in case some would consider opening the packages before the hour!). In the kitchen, candied fruits, spices and prepared poultry are already out. Finally, only the guests are missing to celebrate these wonderful moments of reunion! Welcome to magical Amboise!

We came first once from Versailles and we love it; we have come back several years at Christmas and many others on shopping. We plan to come back in May, are you around? Amboise is magical indeed! I have several posts on it in my blog, but feld a Christmas ahead of time for planning was in order. Enjoy it


Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are

The official Châteai d’Amboise on Christmas

The official Touraine Loire Valley tourist office on Amboise

The city of Amboise on things to see

There you go  do plan ahead and be here , I guarantee you will love, grand royal, sublime historical architecturally stunning and great Renaissance period costumes and decorations. Amboise is wonderful ! Christmas in Amboise will be from December 21 2019 to January 5  2020! 

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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3 Comments to “Amboise at Christmas!”

  1. Loire celebrating 500 years of French Renaissance this year which should be spectacular.

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  2. We spent 2 New Year’s Eves in Amboise and it was truly magical, but then again, Amboise is gorgeous any time of year. 👍

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