Church of the Trinity of the Mounts, Rome!

And now I take you back to my eternal Rome, in Italy of course. There are so many old stone to see there with lots of history and architecture features as well. However, I like the open spaces and some special monuments such as the Church of the Trinity of the Mounts.

This is the église de la Trinité des Monts, France in Roma! There are several but I like this one better for its location and feats of faith inside. Let me tell you a bit more on it ok, hope you enjoy it as I do.


The Church of the Trinity of the Mounts or Trinità dei Monti (Ita) or église de la Trinité des Monts (Fr)  is one of the French national churches of Rome. It is located on the Pincio, at the top of the staircase of the trinity of the mount dominating the Spanish Steps and has a world famous façade with its two symmetrical steeples dating back to 1495. In front of this elevation stands an Egyptian obelisk.  In fact, this obelisk originates from the gardens of Sallust and contains pseudo-hieroglyphs carved by the Roman artisans, imitating the obelisk of Augustus of the Circus Maximus; it seems however that the stone block is of Egyptian origin.



A bit of history I like

This convent ensemble was founded by king Charles VIII in 1495 for the benefit of the Minimes, in recognition of the assistance of Saint Francis of Paula who came to Plessis-Lez-Tours to try to heal his father Louis XI. He bought four hectares to build a royal convent and a Gothic-style church from 1502 to 1595.

The order of the Minimes settled there until 1828, with an interruption during the French revolution and the First Empire, before being replaced by the Nuns of the Sacred Heart. The Institute of the Ladies of the Sacred Heart in the Trinity of the Monts was one of the most prestigious girls ‘ establishments in Europe for most of the 20C, where the teaching was entirely in French, and the instruction Christian. They closed the convent, which became mixed in 2006 and were replaced by the Brotherhoods of Jerusalem until 2016.

The Church of the Trinity of the Mounts, long abandoned as a result of the collapse of part of the vault, had been reinstated and restored in 1816 thanks to Count de Blacas, the French ambassador to Italy, by artists from France. This church, like that of the ensemble dedicated to Saint Louis of the French, belongs to the pious establishments of France and Lorette. As such, the management and maintenance of this building are the responsibility of the French State.  In the old gardens of Lucullus, a reception house opened in 1975 to welcome Francophone tourists and pilgrims.  On 25 July 2016, agreements were signed in Rome between the Holy See and the French Republic in order to entrust to the Emmanuel community the management of the domain of the Trinity of the Mounts.


It is in this church, that in 1544, Felipe Neri experienced a mystical experience, that he named his “personal Pentecost” experience that led him to the priesthood and the foundation of the Congregation of the Oratory.

A bit on the interior description.

Since its construction began during the Gothic period, the Church of the Trinity of the Mounts consists of a single nave with seven chapels on each side. Visitors can only visit part of the church because at two-thirds of the nave, a grid rises to limit access to the altar and to several chapels that are reserved for worship.  The chapels are of different styles and are composed of various ornaments. We can observe frescoes and paintings made, for the majority of them, in the 16C. Some, however, are more recent and date from the 19C. Among them, we can underline the frescoes of Naldini on Saint Jean the Baptist, the famous assumption of 1541 by Daniele da Volterra, disciple of Michelangelo, in one of the first chapels, frescoes of the Florentine Perino del Vaga or The monuments Burial of the Orsini Chapel, an important Italian family. I especially recommend you to walk through the chapels and enjoy the art that abound in this church.

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are

Official Church Trinita dei Monti in English

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Welcome Center for pilgrims of the Trinity of the Mounts Church

There you go hope again you enjoy it is on a beautiful area of Rome with not only the Piazza di Spagna but the Villa Medici and great views over Rome. A place to visit and a bit of France in Italy!, which was unique for us to see.


And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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