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March 11, 2019

Piazza Venezzia, Rome!

And why not come back to eternal Rome! Italy calls and the squares are it for us. There are many nice things but we have been there and done that. However, the walks in the square full of its history and architecture in addition to the shopping and foodie around or in them is sublime.

I like to tell you about another nice square of Rome, the Piazza Venezia! Here goes my story, hope you like it.

Piazza Venezia is a square of Rome, lying below the Capitole and its square. It is dominated by the monument to king Vittorio Emmanuel II.   Various buildings bordering it such as the Palazzo delle Assicurazioni Generali and the Palazzo Venezia.


From 1902 to 1904 the first construction work of the main headquarters of the insurance Assicurazioni Generali, Piazza Venezia in Rome. It was used a symmetry effect, copying the shape and dimensions of the old Palazzo Venezia or Palazzo Barbo. The majestic façade is a long, three-story neo-Renaissance building with a dungeon or corner tower in the southwest. The ground floor is made up of large arcades. The main entrance is surmounted by a balcony of honor and an ancient cartridge of Renaissance period representing the Lion of St. Mark from an ancient bastion of the city of Padua. The project was reworked and resumed from 1906 to 1911.


The Palace of Venice (Palazzo Venezia) was built from 1455 to 1467. It is not at all a typical square of Rome, but rather one of the traffic nodes of the center of Rome, which serves as semi roundabout and from where three main avenues leave: Via dei Fori Imperiali, via del Corso and Via del Teatro di Marcello. It is next to the Capitole, departing from Imperial Avenue (Fori Imperiali), that is the square or pîazza of Venice, a vast space which took its present form at the end of the 19C. The square is surrounded by the Palazzo Venezia which houses an important museum, the Church of St. Mark, the Bonaparte palace, the Palace of the Generals, and is dominated by the imposing white mass of the Vittoriano, the Monument to king Vittorio Emanuele II.


The current aspect of the square is mainly due to the demolition and reconstruction interventions carried out between the late 19C and early 20C after the construction of the Vittoriano, the colossal monument to king Victor Manuel II (Vittorio Emanuelle II), often identified with the Altar of the Fatherland, which is its central part, in which later in 1921 ,the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was done.

On the west side of the square is the Palazzo Venezia, which was initially pontifical headquarters: Pope Julius II was attending from the balcony of the palace to the race of the Berber horses, which until 1883 was disputed along the Via del Corso and ended near the square , in the now gone Via della Ripresa dei barbery.   Subsequently, from 1564 to 1797, it hosted the Venetian representation in the pontifical States.


When the Vienna Congress assigned the Habsburgs the territories of the Republic of Venice, the palace followed the same fate and served as the Embassy of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until 1914, when it was confiscated by the Italian State. In 1929 Benito Mussolini chose it as the seat of the government and from the balcony he pronounced his speeches to the fascist masses. For this reason, the square, which in those years was considered the center of the city, was proclaimed forum D’Italia.

In addition to the Palazzo Venezia, the original configuration of the square has been preserved on the north side, where the Palazzo Bonaparte is located, where lived from 1818 until her death Maria Leticia Ramolino, mother of Napoleon. Behind the covered balcony ,called Mignano, that still can be seen today in the corner with Via del Corso, the Lady who made a very retired life spent the days observing the life of the square, which was then much smaller . When at a very advanced age she lost her sight she did not renounce her hobby, and made her housekeeper tell her the life of the square.

Piazza Venezia can be reached from Rome’s Colosseo Metro station. Of course , we were in Rome away at Nomentano district and came first by bus and then lots of walking.

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are

Tourist office of Rome on the Piazza Venezia

Official Venezia palace museum in English

A lovely square with huge architecturally stunning buildings all around you and plenty to shop and eat to enjoy further your stays in Rome! The Piazza Venezia is nice indeed and worth the detour.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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March 11, 2019

Church of St Laurent,St Stephen, Remich, Luxembourg!

So here I am back in one of my favorite countries , Luxembourg. And over the years I have criss cross the country by car and even flown to Findel airport once. I have written , of course, several posts on it. However, I like to go deeper into some of the most picturesques towns of it

One of these is Remich, wonderful town by the Moselle river and full of vineyards. A joy to see,and one of the nice monuments is the Church of St Laurent and St Stephen. I like to tell you a bit more on it too.


Remich is a town and the capital of the canton of Luxembourg. Called “The Pearl of the Moselle”.  Remich is located at the crossroads of three countries: Luxembourg, France and Germany. Its politico-geographical borders include: to the East: the Moselle river (a tributary of the Rhine) and Germany, a bridge spanning the Moselle and connecting the city to the town of Nennig; To the West: the village of Bous; In the north: the village  of Stadtbredimus; And in the south: the town of Schengen (see previous post).  In a radius of less than 40 km  there are important tourist sites, including Luxembourg, Trier, Sarrebourg, Sierck-les-Bains, Mondorf-les-Bains and Metz. Remich is located on the European road Saarbrücken-Luxembourg.

Remich is the nerve center of Luxembourg viticulture with the headquarters of the Wine-Growing Institute and the National Wine Brands. Numerous wine cellars in Remich (including  one underground) and in the neighboring villages invite a guided tour and a tasting of the best crus of the terroir.

The Church St Laurent and St Stephen in Remich.  The belfry of the decanal Church of St Laurent, dating back to the Norman era, this tower, originally built as a watchtower on foundations dating from the time of the Romans. In the 12C, recalls the remains of the fortification of the town of Remich.  Saint Stephen and St. Laurent are the patron Saints of the Church. On the property on the outskirts of the Church, one can still admire several stones tombs including that of the Velter family, which made important donations to the parish for the most deprived.




In all is very nice quant little town and lovely to spent an afternoon here at Remich , we love the ride and have pleasant memories of been here with my dear late wife Martine. Hope you enjoy the post, and thanks for stopping by as always.

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are

Tourist office of Remich on Culture and Heritage in English

Tourist office of the Moselle region on Remich things to see in English

Tourist office of Luxembourg on Remich in English

There you go a nice ride and another wonderful off the beaten path trip this one in lovely Luxembourg and nice Remich. Enjoy the ride

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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March 11, 2019

Savigny-les-Beaune ,old Burgundy!

I do not know what to say some already told me, I do travel a lot and love it; thankful to be able to do it. Lucky to be in the world’s No 1 most visited country by international official counts ,France, and it shows so much to see. As said will need a lifetime and then may not be able to see everything. But I am trying hard!

Burgundy-Franche-Comté is a region of France with a lot of wealth when it comes to monuments and vineyards, however, I like to combine my love for aviation with wines and one of the best if not the best place to do this is at Savigny-les-Beaune a town close to another famous ,Beaune. Let me tell you a bit about it ok.

When my travels takes me away with the family I try to combine all that is of interest to all of us. Its the best way to enjoy your vacation,especially if you have kids. Since I have 3 boys, our interests are pretty much the same, we all like women, wines, autos ,and airplanes. Therefore what better way to enjoy our vacation then to go to Savigny-les-Beaune in Burgundy; a town near Beaune.

Its one of my secret get away, the family rents a gite or a house rental in the area, this time was in near Buxy in the Côte Chalonnaise of southern Burgundy. From here with a car we expand to all horizons but deep submerge in the wine country. In fact the house was surrounded by vineyards, and we purchase the wine right from the owner at 5€ the bottle of red. Yummy.

One of the highlights of the long summer vacation trip was to see the vineyard of Chateau Savigny les Beaune  with 20 hectares (49,4 acres) which includes the appellations of Auxey-Duresses, Beaune, Monthelie, Pommard, Volnay and Savigny-lès-Beaune.

savigny les beaune

Where Michel Pont has not only added a magnificent bottle but also a diehard fanatics of cars and planes, he has established a museum indoors and outdoors of these marvels. He is especially in love with FIAT 500 Abarth ,and all the previous models going back to 1956. He keeps 149 cars in his car museum plus 36 he has competed. Inside there is a minituare displays of cars from all over the world. There are,also, 250 motocycles from 1903 to 1960.

savigny les beaune

In the park of the castle spread around like ants he has kept 80 fighter airplanes of French, American, and Russian manufactured.  You are ,also, to see engines, and airplanes parts from many models . Inside, you will see 2400 small sides models of airplanes of the world. The view of these aerodrome of vintage war planes is awesome, and should not be missed when in the area, especially with kids.

Sauvigny les Beaune

Some practical info, contact Tel  +33 (0) 3 80 21 55 03 / Fax. 3 80 21 54 84

The Château is open every day from 9h – 12h ,and  14h – 17h30, last entry at 16h. During low season April 14 to October 16 opens at  9h-12h , and  14h -17h30. High season from April 15 to October 14 opens continuosly from  9h to 18h30  .Annual closing is the first 3 weeks in January and Dec 25th.  is 9€ per adult and 4€ for kids from 4-16. Check webpage for updates.

I like to give some history of the castle as I like it,

The Château de Savigny-lès-Beaune is a 14C castle on a wine estate of 20 hectares of the Côte de Beaune vineyard, in Savigny-lès-Beaune in the Côte-d’Or dept 21 of the region of Burgundy-Franche-Comté. This castle was built around 1340 by Jean de Frolois, Marshal of the Duchy of Burgundy, for Duke Eudes IV of Burgundy. It was destroyed in 1478 by order of king Louis XI, in retaliation for what his owner had taken the part of the Duchess Marie of Burgundy and her husband the future Emperor Maximilian I against him during the War of the succession of Burgundy (1477 – 1482). Only the crows of the machicolations still visible on two towers are preserved. At the beginning of the 17C the castle was restored by the family of Lords Bouhier with the addition of the little Castle  after 1671.

In 1689, the Castle became the property of the family de Migieu, then by alliance, to General Comte de la Loyère and his heirs. During 1719, the president De Migeu had to abandon his castle for a few months when it served as a residence imposed on the granddaughter of Duke Louis II of Bourbon-Condé, the Duchess of Maine Louise-Benedicta de Bourbon, during her exile in Burgundy.

savigny les beaune

In 1979, the Château was purchased by Michel Pont, a winegrower operating an important wine estate of 20 hectares of the Côte de Beaune vineyards, which undertook major restoration work. Former racing driver Abarth of the 1960’s, and important collector of mechanics, he founded several museums with important mechanical collections and housing, in 2018, the most important private collection in the world of fighter planes, approved by the Guinness Book of Records !

The general webpage for information is in French, but if need help and want to visit it let me know.

Official museums of Chateau Savigny les Beaune

Tourist office of the Côte d’Or dept 21 in French

Tourist office of Beaune on Château Savigny les Beaune in English

Now some photos without giving away everything ::) Hope you enjoy the visit with the entire family. Savigny-les-Beaune , castle, wines ,cars, airplanes the works love it! You will too!

And remember, happy travels , good health,and many cheers to all!!!

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