Salon Vins et Gastronomie of Vannes 2019!

Once again I bring you back to the wonderful superb Salon Vins et Gastronomie of Vannes 2019 held over this weekend at the Chorus expo center in the Parc du Golfe. It is beyond words, the perfect place to meet and mingle with real producers of the goodness of my belle France, many of which later come to visit on their turf, and by now are just friends.

This year is no difference. I moved here and heard about it but always too many to choose from went elsewhere, then in 2014 got the bugs and was nice skip again 2015/2016 and by now have gone to the events in 2017/2018/2019!

And let me tell you a bit more on this year edition, which is actually the 27th in my area! The show was on March 9/10/11 from 10h to 19h with Monday to only 17h. Admission is 5€ adult but as I go often we get invitation for free from growers. There is free parking, lending of wheels caddy with proper personal ID, restaurant on site even to drink the bottles you purchase there, and tasting glasses with a deposit of 1€ (you can keep the glass or get the refund at end). Anybody under 16 yrs of age entered free.You get there by bus line 7 except Sundays from the train station at Vannes or the city center pl de la République for 1,50€.

The stands are many and varied with producers coming from the Alsace, Beaujolais, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Charentes, Languedoc-Roussillon, Provence, Corsica, Southwest France, Valley of the Loire, Valley of the Rhône, and even wines from Moldavia! ,also, those producing beers, cocktails, liquors, and food such as pâte, cheeses, foie gras, nougats, chocolates, candies , escargots etc etc you name you have a cross section representation of the best of France, and most from brands we know here but not exported. That is why the Fair is call Wines and Gastronomy!! bon appétit.

And from us, well hard to remember as once trying several we stuck with only a few for the last several years. However, from the list I can recall the Domaine Fleishcer of Alsace, Domaine des Gaudets Morgon of Beaujolais, Chateau Mercier of Bordeaux, La Rose Pauillac, Bordeaux, Domaine Fillon of Burgundy, Champagne Godmé Sabine, Champagne Robert-Allait, Roxane et Cyrano, southwest France, Domaine des Sanzay, Valley of the Loire, also from the Loire, Domaine Hérault, Vignobles de la Rodaie(Cousseau-Boireau), Domaine des Liards Berger Fréres, Alain Chartier chocolatier from our area, le Nougat de Montségur, Les Saveurs Catalanes, Maison Gastellou, Miellerie de Huelgoat, and Coutellerie Moret. If you see any of these names in your area, buy it you will be glad! I had highlighted the ones we purchase this year. Enjoy them without moderation lol!!!

And we came back to watch the VI Nations rugby match between Ireland vs France losing 26×14  of course, we have a bad team this year. However, with the goodies of above we are in heavens.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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