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March 1, 2019

St. Luitwinus Church at Mettlach!

Ok so I am on the road warrior campaign in fast moving Germany! The roads are glorious and the scenery is wonderful. We came from south of Trier where we were based to visit this town famous for its Villeroy & Bach porcelain factory at Mettlach. However, once in town and walk around, we notice a wonderful St. Luitwinus Church that we like very much.

Therefore  ,here is a bit more especially for St. Luitwinus Church in nice Mettlach, Germany. On the beaten path I go again!

First a bit on the town of Mettlach.

Mettlach  is also in the Saar. it was a village with an abbey in the duchy of Lorraine attached to the diocese of Trier . This abbey was founded in the 7C . Mettlach has two rail stations on the Saarstrecke that runs between Saarbrucken and Trier , but the lovely ride is from the road B51 to Konz and Merzig, just lovely indeed.

Mettlach is a nice town, with a history of Saint Luitwinius in a very nice Church; the abbey has a great garden with water fountain, and a tower 1000 years old of St Liutwinius and a statue of the Saint up the square facing the town; just a nice small town indeed and a wonderful find.

And the nice find!

St. Luitwinus Church was built in 1902 in the Neo-Romanesque Rhine style, offers beautiful examples of local mosaic art. It presents pieces of a unique finesse to the north of the Alps. These are representations based on tesserae of glass and clay, the assemblage of which lasted over 50 years. In addition to these rare and magnificent mosaics, the Church houses a reliquary chest dating back to 1228.


St. Luitwinus Church built in 1847 which replaced the old church from the 8C,and again in 1902.  Old Tower (burial site of St. Lutwins) It was constructed over 1,000 years ago as a burial chapel for St. Luitwinus and has undergone extensive restoration in recent years.




As difficult to find info on the Church and my library is not so extensive on Germany, will leave you with some webpages to further expand on my writings above and help plan your trip here. I say is a nice detour to make if by these parts of Germany or into porcelain shopping!



The Saar region tourist info on St Luitwinus Church

Saarland site on the heritage and Church in German

Tourist office of Mettlach on heritage in German

City of Mettlach on heritage in German

There you go ,again a nice ride, nice town and interesting historical and architectural buildings to keep you for a day. Enjoy St Luitwinus Church and Mettlach.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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