Place d’Armes , Luxembourg!

So bringing you back a bit east of France and a neighbor, this is lovely Luxembourg. One of the smallest countries in Europe and one of my favorite places to visit. If you read my blog, you will know why. We have been coming here for many years and even just to have lunch!

One of our must stop is the Place d’Armes in city center of the upper town of Luxembourg city. We always come by car so parking is no problem at all by the Place du Théatre and then we just walk all over, grand!  Parking du Théatre :

But let’s get into the details of this wonderful small square. The Place d’Armes , local Luxembourgish language they say Plëss or Plëss Arem is a wonderful square in one of our favorites cities of Europe in Luxembourg. It is located in the center of the old Town in the district of the Ville-Haute (upper town) and is an attractive point for the local people and visitors. Located generally in the center of a fortification, a place of arms is the gathering place of a small troop and a central space hosting the important ceremonies of the military life.


A bit of history I like

After a huge fire in 1554 destroyed a large part of the Ville Haute (upper town), plans were made to lay out a square in the center of the fortified town. The Place d’Armes created under the Spanish occupation (the first of 1506-1684, followed by a second period of 1697-1713), the Place d’Armes corresponds to the square center of a district arranged according to a grid plan. Knowing that the capital has undergone phases of extension and creation of various districts in connection with the different periods of occupation (France, Prussia, Austria, Spain), this place constitutes the heart of the old town in terms of localization.  In 1671, the Spanish built a slightly smaller square at the same location. It became known as the Place d’Armes as it was used as a parade ground for the garrison. Under French king Louis XIV, it was paved with flagstones and bordered with lime trees.

On this square, on 10 September 1944 the people of Luxembourg warmly welcomed its liberators, the valiant soldiers of the US 5th Armored Division and their Royal Highnesses Prince Felix of Luxembourg and Prince John hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg.

A bit more on the description of this wonderful small square we have come to love over the years.

The Place d’Armes square is surrounded by numerous cafés and restaurants, all with pavement terraces in the summer months. Some of the interesting buildings in the square are the Cercle municipal of the city of Luxembourg, in which the first sessions of the Special Council of Ministers of the ECSC (community European Coal and steel), the precursors of the EU. The façade of this building is adorned with a scene showing the Countess Ermesinde, to return in 1244 the letter of franchise to the citizens of the city of Luxembourg ,the main building was completed in 1906 but work on the interior was finished only in 1909. At the western end of the Place d’Armes on Place Jan Pallach , there is a monument dedicated to poets Dicks and Michel Lentz (who wrote the words of the national anthem) .  The Bandstand music kiosk is very nice and quant lovely indeed, and when my boys were younger they really enjoyed the rides!. The square is surrounded by terraces of the different restaurants, shops and hotels. There is very nice quant architecture in the building’s facades in the Place d’Armes. From the first days of spring, the many terraces on the square invite the passersby, to rest, to listen during the summer weekends the concerts of the marching bands from the four corners of the country and make it a place of relaxation very appreciated, both by the Tourists than the Luxembourgish. All around is a pedestrian area of Groussgaas , where there are many shops.



In the Place d’Armes, there is our wonderful Hôtel Français, a generous 3-star, offers on 5 floors 22 comfortable rooms, all renovated, which open to wide spaces of recreation embellished with original works of art. I take time to give you info on the hotel we always stayed in city center at 14 Place d’Armes with a wonderful family room up to 5!  More info here:


As this is our central each time in the country, we know it by heart, there are so much choices but us been different hehh! we go for the memories of old of which my boys grew up in FL USA so we love to come here for the pepperoni lover’s pizza at Pizza Hut in the Place d’Armes! And its a ritual for my family lol! and now after my late dear wife Martine passing is a place with loads of memories.  13 Place d’Armes Pizza Hut :



Another favorite hard to see but a memorable spot of many happy hours back in the old country before France was Chi Chi’s tex mex restaurant and darn, they have one in the Place d’Armes!!  15 Place d’Armes, Chi Chi’s , tex-mex in town !

Another of our regular stops here over the years is Banana’s oh yes you can go bananas here with a great DJ and good chow over the lovely square, grand we think! It is on Monterey Ave. just a run off street from the Place d’Armes!  9, Avenue Monterey run off street from Place d’Armes ,Banana’s traditional resto and DJ music!


You can spent a whole day walking around this area with the beautiful quant buildings, and wonderful shops as well as the above establishements of our souvenirs of  Luxembourg. And to boot, the Duchess Maria Theresa is Cuban born lol!!  Always looking forward in going back for more…

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are

City of Luxembourg on Place d’Armes

Tourist office of Luxembourg on shopping with a good map in pdf!

Tourist office of Luxembourg on Restaurants

There you go a small magical place awaits you and it is a lot more the the city of Luxembourg, check out my previous posts on it and the country in my blog!

And remember, happy travels , good health, and many cheers to all!!!



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